Yoga For Everybody In The Family

Yoga for everybody can easily be adopted by every member of a family. Right from kids to the grandparents of the house, everyone can benefit from the yoga for beginners classes. Yoga practice is the only exercise form that fits all needs for all stages of life.

Yoga For Everybody

Let us move on to learn the various kinds of yoga poses and sequences for beginners:

Yoga for kids: Yoga for kids is a comparatively newer concept. Traditional forms of yoga were meant for adults only. But today various yoga instructors prefer to accommodate young students as well. However, it is advisable that kids below the age of five should not adopt yoga. Yoga for kids provides the same benefits that it provides adults with. It increases body awareness, provides better coordination and aids stress relief.

Children are naturally flexible and thus do not have to face much problem adopting even the most difficult postures. But the instructor must ensure that the postures are maintained as a simple level so that they are performed correctly. Only correct postures can help reap true benefits of yoga. Other than learning the yoga for beginners postures, the experience also helps the children explore their bodies and become more in tune with it.

Yoga for everybody is especially much more beneficial for kids who do not enjoy conventional sports. For such kids, yoga provides the required physical exercise and that too in a non-competitive environment. As these kids approach adolescence, yoga helps them deal with the changes in their bodies and combat the stress related to academics and other social situations.

Some yoga postures that are beneficial for children are:

  • Basic breathing exercises like three part breaths. Even learning to take simple deep breaths and releasing it can help a lot.
  • Downward facing dog is a posture in which the child is required to make a triangle with body alignment.
  • Cow stretch helps stretches the body muscles. You can encourage the kids to moo alongside to add a fun element to doing yoga.
  • Cobra, Tree, Corpse pose, and Butterfly are some more simple yoga poses and sequences for beginners.

Yoga For Grandparents

Yoga for everybody is very adaptable and is perfect even for the senior members of the family. However, seniors would have to ensure that they pursue yoga under proper supervision so as to ensure that they are in accordance to their physical abilities and needs.

Let us now move on to understand what to expect out of yoga for seniors.

Yoga for seniors depends on their current level of physical fitness and abilities. If the senior is undertaking a physical training form after a long gap, he should try some easier forms of yoga first. Hatha yoga is a simple form of yoga and can be learnt from DVDs and e-books, too.

For those seniors who wish to get more involved, there are special classes for seniors in yoga studios and gyms. You can also check the retirement communities, local senior centers and health clubs for ongoing yoga practice programs.


Yoga for everybody whether it is for children, their parents, or their grandparents offers the same benefits. Some prime benefits that yoga offers include better posture, improved mood, balance, strength, and increased muscle tone. However, keep in mind that these benefits can only be attained over a period of time. So do not expect overnight results.