Advanced Techniques Of Pranayama

The advanced techniques of pranayama supplies to the body, the most important and crucial component called 'oxygen'. It is the most important thing needed for the human body to survive. We can survive without food and water, but without oxygen we will perish within no time.

There are many types of techniques in which the breathing exercise of pranayama can be performed. Some of them are categorized as basic techniques which need less level of professional guidance and some are categorized as advanced techniques of pranayama, which need high level of practice along with the professional guidance. This article deals with some of advanced techniques of pranayama. The breathing techniques discussed below should be performed only when you perform the techniques like Anuloma Viloma and kapalbhati pranayama without any problem.

Jalandhra Bandha

In this breathing technique, you press the chin near the chest, bending the head forward which helps stop the movements of the muscles and air. This technique keeps the circulation of air between the throat and the heart very clear. It also helps open the Vishuddha chakra, the fifth chakra among the seven chakras of energy. Opening of this chakra means increased moral courage and increased will power.

Bhramana Pranayama

The literal meaning of Bhramana pranayama is the technique of pranayama which is practiced during walking. This is one of the first techniques which are taught in the category of advanced breathing techniques. This breathing technique is performed while walking straight and taking more time to exhale than inhale. Ideally, this pranayama is performed while morning or evening walks. This helps in increasing the stamina of the body, and in turn, the overall functioning of the body is also fine tuned.

Ujjayi Pranayama

This is another advanced technique of pranayama, which helps in calming down the very unstable mind and increasing the concentration and focus of the mind. This technique also helps your body to relax. You need to start this technique by long, deep and slow inhaling, and contracting your throat while inhaling. During this, a hiss sound is also made, and over the days as you practice makes sure that this hiss sound is smooth, conditioned, and unbroken. This pranayama is helpful in curing the diseases like asthma and tuberculosis.


The bhastrika pranayama is one of the difficult techniques which need considerable amount of practice with a teacher before doing it alone. In this technique you take forced and deep breathes while you sit in the Padmasana on the flat floor. Taking deep breathes helps rejuvenate your body and you feel fresh and revitalized. This pranayama also increases the blood circulation and also clears nasal blockages. Good safety precautions must be taken as during this pranayama technique there are chances of your falling unconscious or feel giddy.

This article does not cover all about pranayama but definitely lists out some of the advanced techniques of breathing. But remember to first practice it carefully with a qualified teacher and then practice it alone.