Learn Advanced Yoga Poses

Yoga poses are not that difficult and you can learn these advanced yoga poses with a little bit of practice. Ours is an age in which people are on the run and engaged in breakneck competition. Our life is well provided with amenities but we have become extremely mechanical. In the quest for material things, man has lost mental peace and contentment. Yoga poses and workouts are a way of bringing a balance and happiness in our stressful lives. Yoga is an ancient science and has its roots in India; it was practiced thousands of years ago.

Whatever level of yoga you practice, be it beginners yoga poses or the advanced ones, there are some general guidelines that should be noted before starting yogic practices. The first step is to choose a place, which is quiet, airy, well lit and clean. You can enhance the ambience by lighting incense sticks or scented candles. Secondly, it should be practiced on empty stomach. A good time for yoga would be pre-dawn or post dawn. Here, we have shared few advanced yoga poses in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Shirshasana (The headstand pose) - In this posture, the legs are up and the head is down. The headstand pose is known as the king of all asanas. This is not a beginner's yoga pose; it needs some practice. Once you learn to balance your arms, backbends and inversions, you can practice shirshasana. However, ensure that you take someone's assistance when you attempt it for the first time. Keep the toes and knees on the floor and rest your buttocks on the heels. Fold a towel in a triangular shape and spread it on the ground in such a way that its base is toward your knees and the apex away from you. Interlock the fingers of the two palms. Place the interlocked palms and the forearms on the towel in such a way that there is a distance of 30 to 40 cm below the elbows. Now lift the hips us and taking the chin close to the chest, lower the head down. Place the crown of the head in the angle formed by the forearms. Let the palm-interlock skirt the rear of the head. In this advanced yoga pose, the chin will be pressed tightly against the chest. After the head is comfortably placed, straighten the legs and let the buttocks go up.

Yoga Poses by Anatomical Focus - There are several anatomical yoga poses that focus on abdomen, ankles, bladder, buttocks, calves, digestive organs, groins, intestines, kidneys, lower backs, thighs, uterus, and so on.

We share one such yoga posture, which is easy to practice.

Marjarasana (The Cat Pose) - To get this advanced yoga pose right, sit on your haunches with the knees and toes on the ground. Keep the palms on the floor in such a way that the distance between them is about the same as that between the shoulders, i.e., equal to the width of the back. Keep the distance between the palms and the knees about the same as that between shoulders and the hips. Turn the toes back so that the soles face upward. The distance between the soles should be about the same as that between the knees. Relax the muscles in the trunk region and let them go down under the force of gravity. At the same time, let the neck and head curve backward as far as possible. Relax the stomach and close your eyes. Hold on to the posture as per your capacity.