The Various Benefits Of Practicing Anusara Yoga

The essence of Anusara Yoga is to flow with grace, to go with the flow and to follow one's heart. This modern school of yoga believes in the Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness and the founder of this yoga form is John Friend. The three A's of Anusari Yoga is comprised of attitude, alignment, and action. Attitude is important according to John Friend because it is the source of aspiration to awaken our inner divine nature. It is also believed that power of the heart works behind every action and is important for the celebration of life. The gist of Anusara Yoga lies in the fact that 'alignment' is necessary for increasing awareness, whereas action aids to the natural flow of energy in the body.

The Principle Aspects Of Anusara Are:

  • According to this philosophy, it is believed that all human beings are intrinsically good.
  • It involves a vinyasa-style practice that aims at heart-opening through backbending and body alignment.
  • Its practice includes the use of different props.
  • The lessons learned in this yoga can be incorporated into one's daily life.

If you are new to yoga and wondering if Anusara would be appropriate for you, it's time to be happy. Yes, even beginners can join this yoga. Anusara Yoga asanas and postures can be described as lighthearted, positive and a lot of fun. At the beginning, you are given a comparatively easier set of exercises and you can stretch your body within your comfort level. After practicing this yoga form regularly for some time, the level of difficulty is gradually increased. The various props come in very handy while practicing the postures because they not only provide body support but are also helpful in achieving perfect body alignment. Anusara Yoga is ideal for those people who are looking forward to work on their physical as well as spiritual well-being.

Anusara yoga involves the practice of breath-synchronized movements and includes soft, smooth, flowing movements with proper inhalation and exhalation throughout the practice session. This contemporary yoga style includes a progressive set of asanas with proper breathing technique.

The remarkable popularity behind Anusara Yoga lies behind its philosophy. The philosophy of this yoga is epitomized by the celebration of life. It believes in the goodness that lies in all people and all things. It is believed that the negativity in out lives and in our surroundings can be decreased and the true potential and the positive sides can be realized through this yoga practice.

Theses asanas are easy and can be performed even by the beginners. According to Anusara, instead of trying to control one's mind and body, the yoga exercises should be utilized to experience a deep spiritual feeling inside. So if you are worried about your health and fitness, joining Anusara Yoga classes is definitely a good idea. It develops and strengthens your muscle by vigorous physical postures and also brings calmness to your mind through meditation and pranayama. Some yoga forms concentrate on spirituality and other yoga styles pay more attention to increasing stamina and flexibility. This contemporary style of yoga is ideal for those who want to develop their health and connect to spirituality.