A Guide To Basic Yoga Equipment

Once you decide to join a Yoga class, your next step will be to get basic Yoga equipment. Unlike other forms of exercise, not much is required in the name of equipments to start the Yoga exercises. Still, it's good to know a little about the type of clothing and other necessary things. What equipment we require, where to buy it, etc., comprise the most frequently asked questions for Yoga beginners. But actually there is so little to buy and look for, that you can relax!

Most Basic Things To Buy

Clothes: It's best to go for very comfortable fabrics, something like cottons which are breathable. Lycra-type material which is little slippery is not recommended as you may slip off during some poses. For men and women, a form-hugging T-shirt paired with shorts, preferably cycling shorts is an ideal dress code for Yoga classes. As you have to lift your leg several times, it's advisable to wear appropriate underwear and use little fitting legging.

Shoes: As you join Yoga for beginner's classes, you will come to know that shoes are not at all required at the Yoga studio. It is done barefoot. All the studios will have a place to keep your shoes near the entrance; so, you have to get rid of your footwear as soon as you enter the Yoga studio. It is a nice feeling, as you won't have to carry heavy Gym shoes everyday with you.

Yoga Mats: It is commonly known as sticky mats, most of the gyms and studios use these mats. It is made of such a material that it provides friction between your hands and feet and the floor, so that you don't slip during different poses. Another use of these mats is to define your personal space in the Yoga class. But make sure there is enough space between your mat and the other student's mat. Do not place your mat just before or after the other person. All of the students must be able to see the instructor clearly during the session.

As you enter the Yoga classes, you must be thinking of what to expect in the yoga studio. You simply need to bring your clothes - rest all is taken care of. Although, most of the Yoga studios rent out the mats, its best to purchase one. It costs something around $20. When you have your own mat, you are certain of its hygiene as you can wash it regularly. Because of such important uses of the Yoga mat, it is the most important basic yoga equipment.

Optional Equipment

Apart from these basics, there are some optional yoga equipments which may be required in a special kind of Yoga or for some special purpose. You can find a good Yoga style guide, where different styles for Yoga are discussed. This will help you decide what kind of yoga to take up, thus helping you out with the kind of equipment required.

In Iyengar tradition Yoga, certain props are required. This style of yoga puts lots of importance on having proper alignment in the "asana". Until your body reaches that perfect balance and alignment, you are required to use the props for support.

In most of the Yoga studios, you will find stacks of blankets, grab one or two before the class begins. You can use the blankets as a support during sitting position or to provide cushion on the floor when you are doing the exercise. If the room becomes chilly, you may use it to cover up while doing the relaxation exercise at the end.

Blocks and straps , although do not come under basic Yoga equipment, are props used to make you comfortable during some exercises where your hand does not reach the floor or the hands are not able to reach each other. Blocks are mostly used for standing poses and straps for bound poses. This is just for your information. You don't have to buy these props. The yoga studios provide it to you as and when required.