Beginner's Yoga Poses - Dos And Don'ts

With simple beginner's yoga poses, you can achieve your ambition of gaining perfect body health and shape. Can't believe it? But this is true. The beauty of yoga lies in the fact that in its storehouse, you can find poses by anatomical focus as well as therapeutic focus. Each yoga pose or sequence works on several areas of the body simultaneously. You can simply choose the postures beneficial for your particular body ailment or physical need. You have a variety of poses to make a selection from focusing on the abdominals, back, arms, chest, hamstrings, legs, hips, and shoulders. So choose the yoga sequence according to the specific body part you need to work upon and see the magic of yoga working on your body.

The basic yoga for beginners postures are especially designed to cleanse tone and purify the yogi's body. This detoxification, in turn, affects the yoga practitioner's mind and his ability to practice pranayama and meditation without any distraction. The various yoga poses and sequences for beginners are aimed at gaining the following health benefits:

  • Improvement of physical flexibility, stamina, strength, and balance.
  • Improvement of the functioning of the performer's nervous and endocrine systems and internal organs.
  • Enhancement of the quality of the yogi's breathing.

Dos and Don'ts For Performing Yoga Sequences

  • Select the yoga poses and sequences that seem appropriate to your flexibility, mood and energy level.
  • It is always advisable to begin with gentler poses initially and to work up gradually to stronger ones.
  • The yoga practitioner should attempt to breathe evenly through the nose throughout the performance of his yoga postures.
  • Yoga should be performed slowly. So, a practitioner should never try to rush into and out of a particular pose briskly.
  • No yogic posture should be continued if you experience strain during exercising. The practice should be discontinued as soon as it begins to hurt.
  • The habit of practicing yoga in front of a mirror is improper. Major emphasis should be on how the yogi feels after the pose, and not what he looks like while performing it.
  • The yoga postures should be performed both steadily and softly.

By performing simple beginner's yoga poses, one can head toward a shapely and fit body that one has always longed for. There are various books that provide sufficient information to beginner's regarding yoga and its benefits. In these books, one can find poses by anatomical focus with pictures demonstrating how to do them properly. One can also join yoga classes under some competent yoga trainer for further assistance. An experienced trainer would identify the specific needs of your body and suggest appropriate yoga postures that would help the performer regain his shape, fitness, and agility. The individual aspiring to perform yoga will not even has to look for a mat and a quiet place if he joins a yoga class. All he will need to do is to pay a moderate fee for the facility provided.