Complete Guide To Bhramana Pranayama

Bhramana pranayama is the simplest and the easiest form of pranayama known to the people today. Pranayama is a word derived from the Sanskrit terminology which literally means taking control of the force which controls the life. In this article, we tell you all about pranayama and the breathing techniques for beginners.

What Is Pranayama?

It is impossible for us to stay alive without breathing. In the simplest words, pranayama is called the process of controlled and mindful breathing. The controlled breathing helps human to again control over self, and this in turn, helps attain higher level of consciousness.

There are many types of pranayama. They are categorized as breathing techniques for beginners and advanced breathing techniques for the benefit of the learners. The beginner level pranayama techniques do need very little amount of professional guidance. Whereas the advanced level techniques need professional until and unless you gain significant experience in performing the techniques.

What Is Bhramana Pranayama?

In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word 'Bhramana' is described as walking or moving around, and pranayama is the process of controlled breathing. Two meanings put together, Bhramana Pranayama is the process of controlled breathing which is performed while moving, especially walking.

How To Do It?

This is the simplest form of pranayama known today. Performing this technique is very easy.

Step1: Keep your body straight while you walk.
Step2: Consciously make your breathing process very slow.
Step3: Take deep breaths while you inhale and exhale.
Step4: While inhaling and exhaling, count mentally. Make sure that the duration of the exhalation is longer than inhalation.
Step5: Repeat this process initially for 5-10 minutes. As you practice more, and the stamina increases the duration can be increased to 25-30 minutes. In this way the time taken for walking and the yoga breathing is also increased.

When To Do It?

The best time which is suitable for any kind of pranayama is early in the morning. The Bhramana Pranayama can also be performed in the evening. It yields best results when it is done at the time of sunrise and sunset. Find a clean and green place or at least a place where there is no vehicular pollution. A jogging park or a plain ground is ideal to perform this kind of pranayama technique. While you practice the Bhramana Pranayama, make sure you have not eaten anything at least two hours before. This helps in performing the pranayama more effectively.


Any process of yoga breathing does yield results if practices regularly. Specifically the Bhramana Pranayama increases the stamina. It also helps in curing cough and cold. The lungs and heart function properly, as they are fine tuned every day. This breathing technique for beginners also helps in purifying the blood. Regular practice of Bhramana Pranayama can permanently cure diseases like asthma, cold, tuberculosis, typhoid, and headache. It also reduces the stress and strain on the body and you feel relaxed after practicing it. So, practice it regularly to yield good results.