Build A Sequence To Utilize Yoga Practice To Its Fullest

Vinyasa oga, or Flow yoga, allows you to build a sequence of poses, or asanas, according to your needs. However, you may not be able to form your own yoga sequence. Your teacher can better help you find a sequence of yoga poses. Yoga poses and workouts work best when they are planned purposefully. Beginners' workouts have sequences. These sequences are aimed at stimulating and strengthening all internal and external organs.

How To Build A Sequence

Sequences have been developed by yoga masters. They have developed different sequences for everyone. However, teachers can also build their own sequences according to their requirements.

The most important thing about yoga sequences is that they flow from one pose to the next. You move from one pose to the next effortlessly. The sequences also make it easy for you to remember all the poses in order. You can either use one of the several established sequences, or you can build a sequence with the help of your teacher.

Vinyasa yoga allows variations in the order of poses. It is important that different parts of the body are stimulated in the right order.

The teacher also makes sure the sequence is right. Your teacher can suggest breathing sequences. In most cases, you will be breathing in or out while assuming a pose.

Benefits Of Sequences

Sequences allow you to practice all the poses in the right order. The most important sequence is the sun salutation. You go through six or seven yoga poses in a specific order. The flow from one pose to the next comes naturally. Although it is complex, anyone can learn the sequence in a day. In fact, sun salutation is part of beginners' workouts.

Since the sequences have different asanas, or poses, your different body parts will be stimulated. They will also relax and strengthen different parts of the body. There are poses that strengthen the abdomen, hands and shoulders. There are also poses that strengthen the liver, kidney, heart and other internal organs.

Yoga poses and workouts practiced in the right sequence can also help you normalize your blood pressure. You can also prevent blood-circulation-related diseases, digestive problems, arthritis and other conditions with your choice of yoga pose sequences.

Sun Salutation

Also known as Suryanamaskar, the sun salutation is a sequence of yoga poses. It is a scientifically arranged sequence. The practitioners of this sequence experience physical health, strength, immunity, and a relatively disease-free life. It has eight asanas, or poses, completed through 15 steps or stages. And, you can move seamlessly from one pose to the next while inhaling or exhaling as directed. In fact, people who don't have much time can practice suryanamaskar to keep themselves healthy.

This sequence strengthens the abdomen, internal organs and hands. It is a complete set of workouts. People looking for a beginners' workout can start with the sun salutation before going on to other yoga poses and workouts.

Why Are There Sequences?

Different yoga poses have effects on specific parts of the body. Some parts relax, while others are stressed. You need to give both relaxation and tension to all the different parts of the body. With these sequences, you can give both relaxation and the necessary stress. Keep this point in mind while you build a sequence with your instructor.