Is Yoga Effective For Weight Loss?

All of us know that Yoga is good for our physical and mental fitness, but can doing Yoga help you lose weight? If you are looking for options of weight loss, you must be considering this question quite seriously. It might appear to you that while doing Yoga, your heart rate does not increase as much in order to lose weight. In aerobic exercises, the cardio-vascular exercise you get is much higher, thus they have much more calories burning capacity. But you must remember that Yoga is after all, a fine form of exercise, and so will gradually lead to weight loss, if done properly.

How Yoga Works For Weight Loss

For absolute beginners, Yoga is not just any exercise; it stimulates people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When individuals feel fulfilled at all these levels, their sense of self-worth increases. In this raised self-worth level, there are fewer chances of abusing one's body and spirits by eating more or leading an unhealthy life. Thus, weight loss starts at a grass root level by the increased self-love and self-confidence.

You must be wondering how to start doing Yoga. First of all, understand that what makes Yoga unique is the breathing. The breathing and the postures help to keep the mind relaxed, keep it in present state, instead of dwelling on the past or fearing for the future. You can learn Yoga for beginners from any trained Yoga teacher, but it's up to you to make full use of the power of Yoga by learning to breathe right.

When you are considering the question of can doing Yoga help you lose weight, you should not expect quick results and sudden weight loss. Yoga trains your body to develop a lean body which is supple. This is done through an attitude adjustment that creates the way for a long-term change. It brings about mental poise and physical well-being in a natural way which is ever-lasting for your lifetime. A weight loss program like going on a diet concentrates on the symptoms of weight gain, the fat, not on the cause of the problem.

With regular Yoga practice, you can change your body for good. You will gain a good metabolism, and thus, improve overall health. Thus, this will address the basic reason for being over-weight and having emotional problems, poor nutrition, and bad habits. The reason for why we overeat is more important than what we eat. By taking regular Yoga classes, you can know your body well, identify your overeating triggers and know whether they are chemical, emotional, or habitual.

As you now know, Yoga not just mends you at the spiritual level, but also works on the biology of your body. It helps to offset the reaction triggered by eating unhealthy food - food which is not fit for your particular body type. Wrong kind of food triggers hormonal reactions in your body. It may lead to obesity and certain diseases. One common problem for obese people is depression, which in turn, entices you to eat even more unhealthy food. When you practice yoga, you are actually training your body to react positively to all good things-food, situations, and mindsets. Now you can experience life in a more fulfilling way. Find a Yoga class which is run by highly trained Yoga instructors. So now you have got the answer to your question: can doing Yoga help you lose weight? Yes, it can, if done regularly, in a disciplined manner, and under competent supervision.