Various Contemporary Styles Of Modern Yoga

Are you wondering which contemporary styles of yoga should you try? People join yoga for various purposes. Some people perform yoga exercises to strengthen or tone muscle. Some people start yoga to increase flexibility and fitness. And yet another bunch of people do yoga to cure chronic ailments or for spirituality. Whatever your purpose is - yoga has something to offer everyone.

Different types of yoga differs in their emphasis on focus on body parts, breathing techniques, coordination, holding postures, set of asanas, flow from one posture to another one, etc. Some of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga styles are described below.

  • Ananda- It is a classical style of hatha yoga. It aims to awaken the chakras, induce self-control, utilize and flow of prana to harmonize body, mind, and soul and above all attune oneself with higher levels of awareness. Ananda yoga is for gentle inward experience.
  • Anusara- This yoga style is developed by John Friend and Anusara means "following your heart" and "flowing with grace". Practicing this yoga connects you to your spirituality and increases your knowledge about the outer & inner body alignment and self awareness.
  • Ashtanga- This yoga is perfect for those who are looking for a serious work out and develop and tone up their body. Practice of Ashtanga is challenging, since it involves a series of flows, jumping from one posture to another. It aims to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. It is not for the beginners but for those who take a serious approach to physical work out and fitness.
  • Bikram- Bikram Chowdhuri's yoga is practiced in hot temperature and involves a lot of sweating. The practitioners perform a set of 26 asanas at a higher temperature to warm and stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Integral- This yoga gives great emphasis on pranayama, meditation, proper postures, and breathing techniques. Dr. Dean Ornish used Integral yoga in his remarkable groundbreaking work on reversing heart diseases.
  • Iyengar- It is a yoga form that focuses on proper body placement and body alignment using various props. In this form, different props are used to support the body and attain perfect postures while practicing the asanas.
  • Kali Ray Tri yoga- In this yoga practice, postures and breathing are combined to create dynamic and intuitive flows. The Tri yoga involves flowing and sustaining postures, spinal wavelike movements, and synchronization with breathing and mudras.
  • Kripalu- This style of yoga is described as the yoga of consciousness. In this yoga form, stress is given on breathing, body alignment, and coordination of breathing with postures. Practitioners learn to focus on the physical and psychological aspects. This yoga also develops awareness about inner self and harmonizes body, mind, and soul.
  • Kundalini- It is a traditional form of yoga that aims to awaken the body chakras and involves controlled release of Kundalini energy or vital life force.
  • Sivananda- This yoga combines different forms of yoga together including the Hatha yoga. It gives importance on right mode of relaxation, exercise, breathing, diet, and positive thinking.

Today there are various contemporary styles of yoga that you can practice but every form of yoga is not for everyone. You are advised to consult a doctor or a yoga expert before joining a particular yoga form.