How To Find A Good Yoga Class

If you have decided to learn and practice Yoga for your well being, your next step is to find Yoga class that suits your needs. Since Yoga is becoming a very popular form of exercise in all parts of the world, you will find many classes in your own city. But it's up to you to decide what class to join and reap the maximum benefits. Also, before joining a class, you must be aware of the basic motive and working of Yoga.

Basic Idea Behind Yoga

What is Yoga? Is it just another form of exercise? For absolute beginners, Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, a language of ancient India. It is considered to be a union between the mind, body and spirit. The amazing thing about Yoga is that it is "your practice", so you practice it for yourself and thus it is always evolving. It is a non-competitive form of exercise; it concentrates on your whole well being, wholeness of the body and mind.

You should join classes initially which works for yoga for beginners. Here you will be taught basics of yoga and the fundamental idea behind it. You will be taught basic "asanas", which refers to physical postures or poses. You will learn how to breathe properly, inhale and exhale at the right time as correct breathing makes all the difference. Now, you can make choice between what kind of Yoga you want to learn in the long run.

Find a Yoga class which is near to your home or work place as that will make it easy for you to attend it regularly. You can find the listings in your local newspaper, advertisements, internet or local directories. Make sure you start with a basic level class. Many gyms also conduct Yoga for beginner's crash course. If you are member of a gym, it will be a good idea to start off with the crash course.

Your First Day In A Yoga Class

When you find a yoga class, or Yoga studio which looks fine for your requirements, buy a Yoga mat. When you enter the class, sit cross legged on the mat and wait for the teacher. There should be sufficient space between two students because you will need space for stretching while doing the "asanas".

Generally all Yoga teachers will start the class chanting "Om" three times. They may begin with breathing exercises or short meditation before the actual poses. This is followed by warm-up poses, then more rigorous poses and finally relaxation exercises. At the end of the class, teachers end with another round of chanting "Om". After the initial classes, you may feel a little sore, as you do with other forms of exercise.

Although there is no substitute for a good Yoga teacher in a Yoga class, sometimes you may not find a Yoga class or you may not find a suitable time. Then, next best thing is to start with a beginner's yoga video. It's better than a book as it has got more visuals, hence is self-explanatory. When you are doing Yoga, avoid eating a heavy meal just before or after. Do not have water in-between the poses and concentrate on your breathing. You are now on your way to good health and well-being!