Yoga Poses By Anatomical Focus - Stepping Stone For Beginners

We need to explore the world of yoga to find poses by anatomical focus. The term YOGA denotes 'union' in Sanskrit, a language spoken in ancient India, the land where yoga originated. Yoga, in simple words is the union of the spirit, body and mind.

The term 'Yoga' has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'asana'. Asanas are postures or poses that keep the body parts supple and fit. The core of yoga practice is the practice of yoga poses (called asanas), each of which has specific physical and mental gains.

We have a number of poses and sequences for beginners of yoga who want to maintain physical flexibility and agility. Carrying out these simple postures, one can also keep illnesses at bay and detoxify the body. The ideal Yoga for beginners exercises do not make the practitioner exhausted, it just makes them feel that they have performed a beneficial workout. Once the individual gains perfection in performing these exercises, he can move on to the intermediate level of yoga sequences.

The number of yoga poses is countless. Before you throw up your hands, look at this list of basic poses for beginners. The beginning yoga sequences are all you need to know for your first yoga class.

In a classic yoga class, the disciples are required to spread out their mats in front of the trainer. The yoga performers should not line up their mats exactly one after the other. There are yoga poses where both you and your fellow follower would require some extra space. Not leaving any space in between the mats may result in your banging into others. Normally, the students warm up in a cross-legged pose and wait for the class to begin or indulge in some mild stretching exercises.

One may even begin his class by chanting "Om". This is succeeded by warming up postures, further energetic poses, followed by stretches, and finally, relaxation.

Know that you feel a little sore after your first yoga class.

Basic Guide For Yoga Performance


  1. Observe yoga etiquette. Remember that you are in a new place.
  2. Seek the trainer's help as and when needed.
  3. Look around to match your actions with other students, especially, if you have not been able to follow the teacher properly.
  4. Read about beginners' yoga poses.

Return in a few days to take up your next yoga class.


  1. Have a large meal just before your yoga class.
  2. Try consuming a very light diet a few hours before the class commences.
  3. Drink water during the class, but make sure to have some before and after.
  4. Wear shoes or socks throughout the class.

Compare your performance with that of your advanced co-performers.

So what are you waiting for, join a yoga class today!