Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Perfect For Those Who Seek Both Physical And Mental Workouts

The vinyasa flow yoga is composed of various postures that "flow" or are synchronized with the breath. Vinyasa flow yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga in the U.S. As people often associate it with flexibility. This is a common misconception. Vinyasa does require some flexibility; however, it is not a prerequisite. There is a series of three postures that you need to practice when performing vinyasa.

Vinyasa is one of the most effective types of yoga due to its inherent quality of strengthening the body and the mind simultaneously. In some vinyasa classes, the room is kept at a high temperature level so encourage sweating. Thus, you can expect pretty rigorous workouts in a vinyasa class. However, the level of difficulty is often determined by the teacher. There are examples of vinyasa flow classes where sweating hardly takes place. Still, in most of the vinyasa flow yoga classes, focus is given on body movement from one pose to another rather than just stretching. That, provided the instructor is enthusiastic enough, can be pretty rigorous.

While considering the mental workout, it is important to understand that vinyasa emphasizes on meditation or mental workout phase. In most classes, you would find some form of meditation that is performed at the beginning or the end of the classes. In some classes, chanting is also practiced. Therefore, it is a quasi-spiritual experience to perform vinyasa flow yoga. As is obvious, vinyasa is quite a serious matter and you should take it seriously too. It is understood that unnecessary talking is not expected from you in a vinyasa class. Therefore, if you need a casual type of atmosphere, vinyasa won't offer you much to enjoy.

Vinyasa flow yoga is also, sometimes, called the freestyle Ashtanga, meaning that it draws heavily from the Ashtanga yoga. However, ashtanga is pretty difficult and concentrates upon a set of six postures that are increasingly complex to perform. However, in vinyasa classes, this specific pattern is not followed and one can choose to do the postures according to one's desire. Therefore, although sometimes the poses of ashtanga yoga are included in the vinyasa classes, remember that they need not be performed sequentially.

Vinyasa is also popular because of its diversity. It can teach a lot of postures taking reference from various other types of yoga. Therefore, if you have a desire to go through a diverse range of postures in a yoga class, vinyasa may be ideal for you. Moreover, vinyasa flow yoga is also ideal for those who seek unpredictable postures and movements rather than just stretching in a yoga class. The good thing about vinyasa is that owing to its popularity, it is taught in most of the yoga institutes. Therefore, one can easily find vinyasa flow classes if interested.