Yoga - Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga frequently asked questions are universal. It means, yoga trainers receive the same questions from students, wherever they teach yoga. The most important of them are given below.

Is Yoga A Religious Practice?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Yoga has been developed by yogis of ancient India. They were associated more with spirituality. Religion was included to make sure everyone practices these set of exercises. Practicing yoga gives physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Now yoga is performed by people of all faiths. In fact, there are more yoga practitioners in the west than in India. They all have positive effects on their health, mental well-being and spiritual lives. And, they don't see yoga as a religious practice.

Can You Tell Me What To Expect From Yoga Practice?
Yes. By practicing yoga, you can expect positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. It can give you better physique, normalized working of internal organs, normal blood pressure, normal digestion, and a lot more. Better self awareness, confidence, clarity of thought, etc. also are your experiences in waiting. It is always better to take yoga for beginners to know what to expect. Reading about yoga doesn't give you any benefits. You can see the benefits in less than four weeks of starting practicing yoga.

How Can I Prevent Yoga Injuries?
There isn't a thing like yoga injury. Few people complain about yoga injuries. It is because every pose (asana) is designed scientifically. Under the guidance of an expert trainer, you can practice the poses suited for your physical conditions and tolerance levels. Stick to the basic instructions and you don't have to worry about yoga injuries.

Tell Me About Yoga Etiquette
Anywhere you go practicing yoga, you must stick to yoga etiquette. It is better be ready for the classes before time. Late coming can be a distraction for other students. Also respect your teacher and obey what he/she says. Don't make noises at the class. Also don't take frequent toilet breaks. Wear yoga dress comfortable for you and others around you. These are all basic instructions. However, the yoga class you join may have different set of rules. You need to stick to them.

How Long Does It Take To Practice Yoga?
Rest of your life!

Can I get six-pack abs by practicing yoga?
Yes and no. There are yoga poses and exercises that can give you six pack abs and muscle development. However, the focus is not on specific parts of your body. And, no instructors are likely to encourage such thoughts. Yoga has a holistic approach. It takes care of every part of your body - mainly internal organs like heart, lungs, digestive system, etc. Sure, long-term practice of yoga can give you the body you dream about.

Can I Prevent Arthritis With Yoga?
Yes. You can. You can also prevent several dozens of diseases including blood pressure problems, diabetes, heart problems, digestive problems, etc. with yoga. In some cases, yoga can also treat/cure diseases - like blood pressure, digestion problems, etc.

These are the most frequently asked questions about yoga. You may have more questions in your mind. You can always talk to any yoga instructor to get their answers.