Two Useful Ways For Getting Started With Meditation

For most beginners, getting started with meditation is an important topic. Although there are various benefits of meditation, you need to learn the proper technique for maximum benefit. Meditation is part of yoga. Like the other parts, meditation also needs to be learned through constant endeavor. For beginners, concentrating during meditation may be tough. However, with a little effort, you can get rid of the hurdles. As with any other form of art, the beginning seems to be demanding. However, with regular and constant practice, the right process to meditate can be learned. There are many techniques for getting started with meditation. Two of the best methods are discussed in this article.

Category Concentration

Category concentration is a useful way to start meditating. In this process a set of objects is selected on which the mind needs to concentrate. This process enables the mind to move within limited objects rather than trying to focus on only one object. This is essential because at the beginning phase, it is impossible to stop the mind from wandering. Therefore, a category of objects is selected on which to focus the mind. It is a very useful technique for beginners who want to progress gradually to higher levels of concentration.

The best way to try category concentration is by thinking of a garden with different flowers in its corners. First, the mind is focused on one flower. The aim should be to visualize the flower completely. After some time, the focus is transferred to another corner where another flower exists. In this way, the focus can continue to change from one object to the next. Initially, the focus on one object is kept at the minimum time possible. Gradually, the time of concentration on one flower can be increased.

Yoni Mudra

Yoni mudra is a special pose of yoga which teaches pratyahara, or withdrawal from the senses. Usually, the mind is bombarded constantly with signals from the senses. Therefore, without stopping the signals, it is impossible to try to concentrate. In yoni mudra the signals from the senses are reduced to a minimum, which initiates the process of concentration quickly.

In yoni mudra, the ears are closed with the thumbs. Then the index fingers are used to close the eyes, and the nostrils are closed with the middle fingers. With the remaining fingers, the lips are closed.

In the yoni mudra pose, the senses are usually barred from providing input to the mind. Because most of the senses are stopped from providing clues to the mind, it can concentrate on the selected object easily.

It is obvious that for beginners, the main aim is to try to concentrate the mind on as few objects as is possible. The nature of the mind is to wander on many objects, from one to another, at any given instance. Therefore, the first priority of meditation is to narrow down the range of objects on which the mind can concentrate. This is achieved through applying the yoni mudra and category concentration techniques. However, as the mind is trained through regular practice, you can withdraw from these techniques and try the various other techniques which are applicable for attaining higher levels of meditation.