A Guide To Beginner's Yoga Poses

If you are in search for some quality information on Yoga Poses for beginners, this is the right place to start. Here, you can read all about the basic Yoga Poses & workouts and why they are essential for the body.

Our Hectic Schedule

It is but natural for most of us to shrug off our exercise routine by saying there isn't enough time. But have you ever thought a zero exercise routine can work adversely on your body and can even reduce your lifespan by several years. Agreed, that most of us are too busy in keeping up with the hectic schedules of life. Most of the time, we might actually not even be left with enough quality time to devote to an exercise schedule leave aside relax or even sleep properly.

In a situation like the above, it is very important to adopt a complete workout routine that can work on the mind, body, and the overall well being of the individual as well. Yoga Poses are one such option that comes first to the mind when we talk of complete workouts. If you are interested in doing yoga but don't know where to start from, read on to gather some useful tips.

Understanding Yoga

To understand the basic yoga position, you first need to understand what Yoga is. Yoga is an ancient system of a sequence of beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses. It has been practiced for centuries in the Eastern countries and has recently been widely accepted in the US as well. Yoga is a means of self purification that can help one gain both physical and spiritual benefits.

The fortunate part is that even though Yoga Poses & workouts might sound too difficult to proceed with, it can actually be easily incorporated in our day-to-day routine.

What Does Yoga Involve?

Other than the various Yoga Poses, yoga involves:

  • A simple diet.
  • Control over the mind through proper breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • An aid to restrain the senses.
  • Regular meditation and exercise with the help of beginner's workouts.

Yoga can be practiced by everybody. There are routines defined for children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. Let us now move on to the various Yoga poses for beginners.

Yoga For Beginners

There are a total of 84 Yoga Poses. But a beginner need not master all of them at one go. Some beginner's yoga workouts include:

  • Yoga postures for Relaxation: Shava asana, Bal asana, Yoga nidra, and sitting pose for relaxation.
  • Yoga postures for meditation: Pranayama, Vajra asana, Padam Asana, and Sukh asana.
  • Stretches for fitness: Triloknasana, Kona asana, and Tada asana.
  • Yoga supine poses: Pawanmukta asana, Padotanasana, Markat asana, Uttanpada asana, and Leg rolling and rotation asanas.
  • Prone Yoga Poses: Shalabha asana, Bhujanga asana, Dhanur asana, and Sarp asana.
  • Sitting postures: Janushirasana, Kamarchakrasana, Mandukasana, Yoga Mudra, and Ushtra asana.

All the above beginner's workouts are not a must to start with. One can conveniently start with the asanas that are simple to perform, and then, move on to the more difficult poses. Remember that each individual has a different body, and thus, would take his own time to master the above-mentioned Yoga Poses.