Integral Yoga - The Path To Divine Bliss

Integral Yoga is one of the most common forms of yoga that is associated with spiritual guru Sri Aurobindo. According to the guru himself, the main purpose of Integral Yoga is to transform the superficial, narrow, and ignorant self-understanding into a deep and wide spiritual consciousness. The integral Yoga also focuses on changing the integrated inner and external existence into the divine way of life. The integral Yoga concentrates on diminishing the ignorance, selfishness, and superficial attributes of human life into a divine supra-mental consciousness that leads to a life that is truthful, pure and full of the divine bliss.

In Aurobindo's own words, the integral yoga can be considered as a path to attain the divine, liberated from ignorance to achieve the truth that is beyond the mind. It focuses on creating a life that is based upon a truth that is not only of highest spiritual values but also of a dynamic spiritual self-consciousness of the universe. The Integral Yoga is aimed to uplift the human soul from the ignorant, selfish and superficial into a divine, truthful, and real self-consciousness for a better understanding of the values of human life.

The learners of Integral Yoga are expected to refine their moral values to attain the ultimate truth and get the divine bliss so that the human life can be nourished into a fulfilling, rich, and powerful experience. The integral yoga intends to bring harmony in the paths of karma, jnana, and bhakti yoga. For this integral yoga draws influence from and follows the path of the Bhagavad Gita.

As is obvious, Integral yoga is more bent toward spirituality than most other forms of yoga. Therefore, the ways through which it aims to attain the goal is also different. Moreover, there is no single way to perform one's duties for attainment of the divine bliss. No specific postures or poses have been advised by Aurobindo to open the spiritual path for attaining a self conscious soul. Moreover, as is clear, integral yoga is more of a philosophical nature than being just a form of workout to stay away from illness and other cares of human life. That is one reason for which integral yoga is considered to be a more spiritual approach toward attainment of self consciousness.

In recent times, Integral Yoga has received much attention from the learners. It is a flexible way to learn and practice yoga that can be fulfilling and a rich experience. Moreover, due to the popularity, most of the teaching institutions now teach Integral Yoga as a part of their program. Integral Yoga is a favored style for the people who are more inclined toward the spiritual and self-awareness aspect of the process. Although the Integral Yoga is more interested in spiritual upliftment, it is not to be believed to fail in other aspects that most of the other styles offer. For example, Integral Yoga is as powerful a tool as any other type of yoga in providing a healthier and happier life. Moreover, there is no reason to believe that this is a very difficult process to learn. Integral Yoga, although complex is by no way difficult to master if one has proper will and motivation.