The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

Let us start with an introduction to prenatal yoga. Most women learn about this yoga only after they become pregnant. Through prenatal yoga they can prepare for the birth of their child. Through yoga they can experience healthy pregnancy which leads to giving birth to healthy babies. Prenatal yoga will not only make them healthy in their body but in their mind and spirit, as well. Expectant mothers can combine prenatal and family yoga as a way of benefiting the whole family.

While performing prenatal yoga, pregnant women should introduce their family to yoga for the whole family. They can join yoga classes attended by other expectant mothers too, but the family that does yoga together leads not only a physically healthy life but a mentally and spiritually satisfying one too.

Prenatal Yoga And Trimesters

If you are a first time yoga practitioner then it may be advisable to join prenatal yoga classes. Seasoned yoga practitioners and home practitioners can do their prenatal yoga at home. There are different yoga styles for the different trimesters during pregnancy. The first trimester is the time when your body undergoes many changes. This is the time to take care.

If you have joined yoga classes you should inform your yoga teacher about your pregnancy. This is when your yoga exercises should be less vigorous. You should take your introduction to prenatal yoga classes a little slowly. If you are experiencing morning sickness and are constantly feeling sick it may be advisable to skip your yoga till the nausea has subsided. This would probably be in the second trimester.

Your morning sickness would probably have subsided in the second trimester. This is when you can start your prenatal yoga exercises regularly. If you have joined a yoga class it would enhance your sense of community with other pregnant women around. If your morning sickness is still there, take it easy with your yoga.

Even if you are an experienced home practitioner and have started your introduction to prenatal yoga on your own, it would be advisable to join yoga classes just to meet other pregnant women.

As your belly grows and hampers your movements you may need to switch to poses that are more comfortable. Avoid jumping and short fast inhaling and exhaling. Instead go for deep inhaling and start practicing birthing breaths. Avoid lying on your belly, especially if it has started to show. Avoid doing inversions if it makes you uncomfortable.

In your third trimester performing yoga may become more difficult. Continue with safe yoga till the time of giving birth. Other than the physical preparedness yoga also makes you mentally ready for the birth of your baby. Just as in the second trimester, avoid jumping and lying on your belly.

By now you would have realized how your introduction to prenatal yoga classes has helped prepare you for the birth of your baby. Continue the good work after giving birth with postpartum yoga.