The Contemporary Yoga Style Of Kripalu

Kripalu is a contemporary and integrative approach to yoga. It combines the traditional Eastern yoga practice with Western psychological insights that meet the unique needs of contemporary men with modern hectic and active lifestyle. This particular style of yoga helps you to discover and clear physical, mental, and emotional blockages that hinder the happiness in your life. Practicing Kripalu yoga is beneficial for health and well-being because it initiates a gradual process of physical healing, psychological growth, and also aids to spiritual awakening.

The founder of Kripalu yoga is Amrit Desai. He established Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts where thousands of people have joined to learn the yoga form of Kripalu. If you are interested to learn this new technique of yoga and want to join, you can enroll your name in this yoga center. You will be glad to know that visitors can take part in yoga workshop here, to learn more about Kripalu yoga. You can also enroll your name in a teacher training, can spend a long weekend practicing Kripalu, resting and relaxing or can go for the popular three-month long intensive Spiritual Lifestyle Program. To learn more about Kripalu and its yoga center, you can log on to their official website:

The Kripalu yoga form puts great emphasis on the postures, technicalities, right breathing technique, and proper body alignment. Everyone has the 'prana' or vital life force but often we don't have the proper channeling of this vital force. Kripalu yoga enables you to flow the 'prana' in the right direction and rhythm. It uses breathing along with the asanas to avert obstructions that create disturbances in the prana of your body. When you practice it regularly, you gradually feel a greater level of mental clarity and gain emotional control.

Through practice, its practitioners gain the understanding and knowledge of the body. There are three different stages in practicing Kripalu yoga. In the first stage, you have to concentrate in learning the postures, breathing techniques. You learn about the flexibility limit of your body and how far you can stretch your body to bring the right alignment. Many beginners find it difficult to do the poses at the beginning. But with practice your flexibility is increased and gradually you learn to do the advanced level of asanas. In the second stage, you gradually increase the time for retaining every single posture which not only increases your body endurance; but also helps you to build up concentration and inner awareness. The third stage is called "Meditation in Motion." In this stage you do a set of yogas one after another which comes about mechanically and spontaneously. The set of yoga postures that one practice here depends on one's age, and physical conditions.

More and more people are learning Kripalu because it mingles physical fitness and flexibility with weight loss and self-empowerment. It teaches you about a holistic lifestyle and the principles of yoga that can be applied in daily life. You learn to understand the vital force of body or prana and with disciplined practice you are able to create a connection a between body, mind, and spirit. Regular practice of Kripalu gives rise to the awakening of prana.