Laughter Yoga - Be Healthy By Laughing Away The Tensions And Anxieties

Laughter Yoga is an exercise which is full of fun. This yoga style makes the immune system strong. This form of exercise churns out all the harmful effects of tension and anxiety. Laugh yoga or laughing yoga or ha ha yoga, as it is also called, can be done by anyone of any age. This style of yoga does not require any prior experience. It also does not require any equipment or any special type of clothing to do it. Also, you do not need to make any special type of movements. This style of yoga also does not require you to be humorous or joyful. Although laughing genuinely is desirable, it is not the ultimate aim of this yoga form.

Laughter Yoga is the easiest form of yoga among the all contemporary styles. Laughter is used as a device to flush out the lungs and purify it with oxygen. This, in turn, makes our entire body and immune system strong. The contractions of the muscles present in the abdomen during laughing do the work of an exercise and purify the blood and the entire body. Thus, these simple physical movements can bring a lot of happiness.

The beauty of laughter yoga is that it can be practiced by anybody. It has no constraints. This is the reason behind its vast popularity. It also does not require any vigorous physical exercises. It is helpful and suitable for all. It does not require any mental, motor, or sensory skill. The exercise starts with artificial type of laughing, and gradually, it reaches the point of real belly laughing. No artificial matter is induced to attain laughing. This form of exercise cleanses both the mind and the body. It is an exercise for the inner self.

Bikram yoga is a modern style of yoga founded by Bikram Choudhury. He has learnt yoga from Yogacharya Bishnu Ghosh. It is a form of Hatha yoga. This form of yoga can be tried by the beginners. It consists of twenty-six postures including two breathing exercises. Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated room having temperature of about ninety to hundred degrees Fahrenheit and forty percent humidity. This is done so that all the negative energies are flushed out of the body in the form of perspiration. The warm condition of the room also enhances much physical flexibility. The yoga session lasts for about one and a half hour. Each posture is done twice and is held for a certain period of time. The poses are concluded by one round of Kapalbhati or breathe of fire exercise. This form of yoga rejuvenates the mind and body and also helps in toning up of muscles and losing weight.

Another popular Western yoga style is Nude Yoga. It is practiced without any clothes. It is becoming popular in the west where nudity is acceptable socially.

Laughter Yoga does not belong to any religion, race, caste, or creed. It is not bound by any string. It does not require any joke or comedy to invoke laughter. Hence, it does not require any judge, and there is no struggle for power. It is the common language of all.