Effective Meditation Poses For Healthier Living

There are various effective meditation poses that are excellent for healing mental stress and calming down the nervous system. Meditation is an important part of yoga that relies on comforting mental tensions and stress. Usually, the poses are a part of a process that includes various other elements for concentrating and calming the mind. In fact, the nature of the mind is such that it keeps wandering to various subjects at any given instance. This continuous process makes an individual tired and stressed. With the help of meditation, one can get rid of the wandering nature of the mind and start an effective process of refreshing the nervous system. The poses are an important part of the process as they set the right tone so the desired result can be obtained while meditating. This article offers information on some of the most useful poses for meditation.

The Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

The lotus pose, or padmasana, is the most effective meditative pose. This pose requires you to place your right foot over your left thigh while in a seating position. Then the left foot is brought over the right thigh. The hands or the wrists should be placed on the knees. You can also place your hands between your heels, provided the right hand palm is placed over the left palm. An important point to remember is that the body should be kept erect while doing this pose. The pose is actually a hatha yoga posture that readies the mind to concentrate easily on nothingness.

The Adepts Pose (Siddhasana)

The adepts pose, or siddhasana, is the second most effective pose for meditation. To attain this pose, bend your left leg so that the heel reaches the perineum. After bending the left leg, bend the right leg so that your heels rest against the pubic bone or just over the genitals. This is also a very effective posture for meditating appropriately.

The Ankle Lock Pose (Swastikasana)

Swastikasana is a very popular asana in yoga. To attain the pose, stretch the legs and bend the right leg first. The heels of the right leg should be touching the groin of the left thigh. The sole of the foot will be in close touch with the left thigh. Now bend the left thigh so that its heel is placed on the right groin. The toes of the left leg should be inserted between the right calf and thigh muscles. In this pose, finally, both the soles will be placed between the calves and thigh muscles. Now, place the hands or the wrists over the knees.

Mukhtasana Or Guptasana

Mukhtasana is also a very important pose for meditating properly. To attain this pose, first, bend the right leg at the knee so that the right heel is in close contact with the pubic bone. Now bend the left leg so that the left heel is placed over the right one. The important point to remember is that no pressure should be exerted on the genitalia or the perineum.

Any of these postures can help you attain the highest levels of meditation. It is important to attain the right posture to achieve your desired results from the asanas.