Nude Yoga - Performing Yoga Without Clothes

Nude Yoga is performed without wearing any clothes on the body. This style of yoga is also known as naked yoga. It is becoming famous in the west as nudity is accepted socially in the West. This yoga style is practiced by many at home. Classes in large groups are also attended by many people. These yoga classes are also attended by children.

Nude Yoga has been practiced in the Western countries since 1960. A lot of films have also been made on this style of yoga. An American named Jayadev started a yoga group in 1998 called Midnight Yoga For Men. The members of this yoga group performed yoga without wearing any clothes. In April 2001, Aaron Star started a yoga class named Hot Nude Yoga. It became very popular and Time Out New York quoted it as an underground sensation. A number of naked yoga groups started to flourish all around the world especially in the West after its popularity. These nude yoga groups are mostly only for males and are related to the communities of gay. But this is not purposely done.

Jivamukti Yoga helps us to learn the values of yoga. This form of yoga teaches the art of living life liberally. It is a combination of physical as well as spiritual aspects of yoga. This form was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life. It perfectly unites the mind, body, and soul. All these three features effectively blended in the lifestyle of modern times. It is highly energetic form of yoga and consists of rigorous physical exercises. This type of exercise is not suitable for beginners. This style of yoga consists of five basic elements as scriptures, devotion to God or Bhakti, nonviolence and compassion or ahimsa, meditation, and deep listening or Nada Yoga.

Power Yoga also includes dynamic physical exercises for those people who prefer a rigorous session of work out. It is commonly used as a term to depict a fitness program which is based on the vinyasa style of yoga. This type of yoga gives tremendous importance to flexibility and strength. Most of this yoga postures closely resembles that of the ashtanga style of yoga. But unlike it, power yoga does not consist of a sequence of postures. So, one yoga class may differ from the other. This type of yoga has gained much popularity. People started to see different forms of yoga as an alternate way of doing work out. This is responsible for bringing yoga to the gymnasiums.

Yoga is the synchronization of mind, body and soul. This yoga style offers more freedom in uniting these three aspects than the other contemporary styles. This form of yoga allows a person to accept himself the way he is. It helps to accept one's body with its flaws. This style of yoga also allows in opening the door of one's mind. Nude Yoga allows more freedom while making movements without the presence of clothes. It also lowers the cost of buying expensive clothes for doing yoga. Naked yoga is also practiced by many people as they want to have a thrilling experience and prefer to go beyond the usual norms of society.