Yoga Poses For Better Postures - Learn Them And Walk Tall

If you are looking for yoga poses for better posture, there are many. Practice these yoga poses and you can get a straighter, more commanding and healthier posture. Having good posture can prevent arthritis and help strengthen internal organs.

Your posture can tell lots about you. If you slouch or hunch, it is a sign of weakness. However, if you hold your head high, it is a sign of authority, straightforwardness and honesty. In practice, most people have a slight hunch. This can be attributed mainly to spending hours before the computer. Our hunched posture is not normal. Straight posture is. However, we lose our straight, natural posture because of the way we sit, stand and walk.

If you want to correct your posture, keep in mind these simple tips:

  • Keep your feet firmly on the floor
  • Make sure your shoulders are straight above your hips
  • Keep your chin parallel to the ground
  • Look straight at eye level

If you achieve this posture, it will be comfortable. It is not just about the looks and confidence you get, but also about the health benefits. Check out the yoga poses for better posture. There are several yoga poses that help you get a straighter, more confident-looking posture. Having a good posture also has an effect on your confidence.

When you feel depressed or under stress, try this simple exercise. Hold your head straight up, stretch your shoulders and keep your chin up. You can instantly feel the confidence oozing into you. That is one of the simplest poses for better posture. However, that is not enough. You need to be able to do this naturally and without trying. Yoga poses and workouts are helpful in this direction.

Sarvangasana is one good yoga pose that helps you get a better posture. So are meru-dandasana, thadasana, and others.

Setu bandha sarvangasana, or bridge pose, is especially helpful in correcting your posture. This pose corrects your poor posture, strengthens your back and helps you find the proper alignment of your body.

Thadasana is one pose in which you need to align your body correctly. Though it appears very simple, it requires you to identify the most balanced posture. At first, you may overcompensate by stretching your chest forward and pushing your shoulders backward.

In fact, a better physical posture is ingrained in almost all the yoga poses. Whether you practice poses that require you to lie down, sit down or stand up, poses for better posture are plentiful.

If you identify yourself with poor posture, you can get the help of your yoga teacher. He or she can help you develop workouts and exercises. You have to build a sequence or use a yoga pose sequence like the suryanamaskar. You can also plan a daily stretch sequence.

A daily stretch sequence in many variations is available with beginners' workouts. You need to find a sequence that works for you. You have to work on your shoulders, hips and back. If these three parts are properly aligned, you can get a naturally strong posture. Backward stretches are especially helpful in reversing the forward hunch. Most people have at least a slight forward hunch.

Correcting your posture can really increase your confidence, improve others' perception of you and help you feel better about yourself. So, practice the yoga poses for better posture. It is a way to bet on you.