Staying Fit With Power Yoga

Balancing your mental strength and physical fitness is what Power yoga promises. This assurance is for people who are an indomitable, determined soul. There are a number of benefits of this particular yoga type.

Controlling Your Mind And Body

Power yoga is a great form of exercise that can do wonders with your body and mind. It helps toning the body, strengthening muscles and boosting the stamina. Also, it burns calories, reduces stress and increases physical and mental strength.

If you think this particular type of yoga is only for physical fitness, you are mistaken. It works immensely on improving one's mental status too. From improving your concentration levels to finding your inner power, yoga works phenomenally well.

Tension, stress and body aches are normal in today's fast world. Practicing yoga can give relief from all your problems easily. It prepares your body and mind to fight any invasion of negative energy. It also helps a person maintain correct body posture, thereby putting a full stop to the never ending list of body pains (Be it back, neck, joints, hip and the like.)

For Athletes

Power yoga is highly recommended for you if you are an athlete. If you are not, don't worry as your athletic abilities will improve by practicing it. Similar to other yogasanas, this particular yoga type also follows the Vinyasa (flow) style of practice. This simply means "breath-synchronized movement." Athletes can improve their physical strength, stamina, patience and flexibility by practicing this technique.

Athletes undergo rigorous training sessions which make them exhausted very easily. Practicing yoga can help them stay fit. It also improves blood circulation in the body and infuses a fresh spirit in them. If an athlete spends half an hour practicing yoga, it will definitely reflect in his/her performance.

The Power Of Yoga

Power yoga may look like a free-flowing dance to the onlookers, but in reality, it is a series of dynamic exercises which demand great energy and power. Some poses demand extra breath control or task time to raise the endurance level of the yoga practioner.

Before attending any yoga sessions, you should have a clear understanding of the yoga style basics. Understand which yoga style suits you best. Though all styles are based on same poses, there are great differences between each of them and their results. For pregnant women, prenatal yoga can help a lot during delivery. Those who wish to spend healthy time with their kids can practice family yoga.

Sun salutation (Suryanamaskara) is one of the basic poses involved in power yoga. So if a person knows sun salutation poses, it will be easier for him to practice the latter. Generally, warm ups are done before practicing this particular yoga type as it demands great muscular flexibility. Those who are weak or suffering from some ailments should not take up this kind of yoga. For that matter, only people who are fit can practice yoga without a doctor's permission. If you are unfit, seek your doctor's advice before joining yoga classes.

Power yoga also allows you to achieve spirituality if performed regularly. Hence it is a great exercise that brings together your body, mind and spirit.