Prenatal Workouts - Understanding What's Best For You And Your Baby

Prenatal workouts can work wonders for you and you're baby-to-be. Yoga Poses & workouts designed by an experienced practitioner can help pregnant women enjoy all the benefits of yoga with ease. It helps them keep in good shape as well as prepares them for the birthing process ahead. It also keeps them in the company of other pregnant women with whom they can share their worries and excitement.

A good yoga instructor would help pregnant women select between beginners' or intermediate workouts depending upon the flexibility and balance of the body. In fact, there are several yoga studios and online classes that have trimester-by-trimester yoga workouts designed keeping pregnant women and their requirements in mind.

A Physically Healthy Option

Prenatal workouts help one gain both on physical and on emotional grounds. Besides aiding a good physique and an easy childbirth, basic yoga position also prepare the mother for confident parenting. So whether you are a pregnant fitness buff or not, do consider some easy to perform Yoga Poses & workouts to keep your body toned and flexible. If you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy, you can adopt yoga's breathing techniques and restorative poses. These gentle adaptations would provide you with benefits similar to regular workouts.

For First Timers

Women who already practice yoga on a regular basis needn't be told to practice simple positions during pregnancy. But for those who are first timers and have never performed yoga before, make sure that you find an experienced teacher to teach you. Also ensure that you stick with the 'Prenatal Yoga' category classes. The teachers there would be able to instruct you best.

Yoga is an ideal from of physical and mental exercise during pregnancies and even beyond. It would be best if you can reap the benefits of prenatal workouts right from the time you discovered that you were pregnant. But even those who are working can take up the classes in the third trimester. Thus, remember: the earlier the start, the better the form you would be in.

Cautions To Take

Whether you are a long time yogi or a first timer, it is imperative for all pregnant women to follow the below mentioned list of cautions:

  • Consider making a few adaptations to your yoga workout with the increase in your belly size.
  • Continue with your regular classes only till you are absolutely comfortable in doing so. As soon as your body does not permit you to perform, speak to your instructor and make the required modifications.
  • Make sure that your yoga instructor is told about your pregnancy even if the world does not know of it. This would prevent you from being told to practice at the pre-pregnancy intensity.
  • Most important of all, speak to your gynaec before commencing any kind of basic or intermediate workouts.

Beginners' Prenatal Yoga Poses

Some basic yoga positions that can be incorporated by pregnant women include:

  • Prenatal Sun Salutations
  • Belly Breathing
  • Seated Pelvic Circles
  • Supported child's pose
  • Supported hip squat
  • Supported cat with hip circles

Once you are over with your prenatal workouts and childbirth, you can assume postpartum yoga classes or even mom and baby classes to regain your pre-pregnancy strength and vigor.