Some Important Points To Prevent Yoga Injuries

Yoga related injuries are increasingly being reported to the doctors. While there are obvious benefits of yoga, some pitfalls should also be borne in mind while going to start or continuing yoga practice. As is obvious, many yoga positions require flexibility and balance that are beyond the capacity of a common man. Therefore, many advanced complex poses are not meant for the beginners and casual learners, even if they have practiced yoga for a considerably long period. It is essential to learn the limits and be aware of one's own capabilities. Many yoga injuries can be prevented by following some simple and basic conditions.

The first measure to avoid yoga injuries is to perform the poses under a qualified, experienced instructor. It is essential that your instructor knows and understands the outcome of the poses done wrongly. Moreover, he/she should be able to steer away the danger out of your regime. While most of the instructors are aware of the poses' functioning on the body, it is also essential that they know the limits for the beginners.

The other important condition for avoiding injuries is to be aware of one's own abilities and the limitations. While watching someone perform complex yoga poses in the class may be exciting, do not leap for it if you are unsure whether you would be able to perform the same or not. It is not a competition and you won't fetch any medals too. Perform the poses you are comfortable in and do not overdo anything. Even if your teacher is adamant, let them know that you won't be able to perform complex poses if you think they're too early to attempt.

Even if you have been performing yoga for years you might not be able to do all the stretches that look impressive. Most of the yoga poses meant for advanced learners are very complex variations of the poses. Therefore, if you suddenly find that you are not able to bring your legs behind your head, do not feel irritated. The truth is that to learn the complex versions of the poses one needs extreme dedication and years of practice, which may not be possible for a beginner or an intermediate yoga practitioner. Therefore, if you find that you are competing with someone else or with yourself, better keep these feelings away from your conscious mind.

The best way to avoid serious injury while performing yoga is to choose the alignment oriented poses. You can start with Iyengar, the most alignment oriented type, if you are unsure. The flow yoga is also a very good alternative. These poses are usually more compatible with most of the body types. The Vinyasa flow yoga can be ideal too, especially the Anusara pose. However, this doesn't mean that all other types of yoga are to be avoided.

Finally, as you now know that injuries may take place while performing yoga, consult a physician instantly, if you come across any such situation. It should be understood that injuries occurred while practicing yoga can be serious and may need immediate steps to resolve further damage. While it is always healthy to practice yoga, injuries should be taken seriously too.