All About Sun Salutation Including Step By Step Guide And Benefits

Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar has proven to be the most popular and beneficial pose of Hatha Yoga. It has various physical as well as mental benefits. If you perform this yoga pose daily for just ten minutes, you can achieve all the benefits of a low impact workout combining weight lifting (resistance training) and cardiovascular training. Surya namaskar is quite similar to interval training that combines cardio exercise with squats, push-ups, etc. Actually it is better than interval training as the yoga poses and workouts are beneficial to your mind as well.

Step By Step Guide On Sun Salutation

Surya namaskar should be a part of beginners' workout. It includes a number of different poses. To derive the maximum benefits, it is very important for you to learn these poses in a proper sequence.

  1. Stand on the firm ground facing the sun. Bring both the hands together, palms touching each other close to the heart as in the prayer position.
  2. Now inhale slowly and raise your arms up toward the ceiling. Then slowly bend in the backward direction, keeping your arms stretched above the head.
  3. Exhaling slowly, now bend yourself in the forward direction till you touch the earth. The hands should be in line with the feet and your head should touch the knees.
  4. Inhaling slowly, now move your right leg back in a wide backward step. While doing this, your hands and feet should be kept firmly on the ground. Raise your head.
  5. Exhale and bring the left foot with the right one. Keep the arms straight, raise your hips, and align the head with stretched arms. This should form an arch.
  6. While exhaling, lower your body down to the ground until the feet, hands, knees, chest and head are touching the ground.
  7. Now inhale and slowly raise the head. Then bend backward till your spine is fully stretched.
  8. Exhale and lift from the hips pushing up and back (like in a downward dog position).
  9. While inhaling, slowly step your right foot forward (earlier position).
  10. Exhaling, bring your left foot together with the right and bend inward, head touching your knees.
  11. Now inhale and raise both the arms in the upward direction. Slowly bend in the backward direction, keeping your arms stretched above the head.
  12. Exhale and slowly move your arms to your sides. End the pose by bringing hands back to the prayer position.

Advantages Of Sun Salutation

The entire exercise sequence of Surya namaskar involves different poses for better posture and increases your body's flexibility. Here are some of the advantages of this amazing yoga workout:

  • Helps the heart by increasing the blood oxygenation.
  • Keeps your muscles flexible and supple by stretching and toning each and every part of your body.
  • Increases the flexibility of your spine and waist.
  • Tones the internal organs in the abdomen.
  • Helps in increasing mental focus.
  • Improves mind to body coordination.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

If you perform sun salutation with proper standing poses sequence regularly, just 10-15 minutes of daily workout can help you look at your life from a different perspective.