Types Of Meditation - Tratak, Yantra And Om

Tratak, Yantra and Om is a type of meditation in which the mind is focused on a particular object or point in order to rein it. What is meditation? Most people have this question on their minds? Very simply put, mediation is the process of making the mind immune to outside distractions, and in this way, discovering peace and wisdom within self. Regular meditation gives a greater sense of who you are and what you want.

Getting Started With Meditation

While starting meditation, it is very necessary to begin at the very beginning and also understand that you might not be able to meditate very well in the first few days since this practice brings benefit only with regular performance. Thus, the path is long but nevertheless the destination is worth it. It is best to begin by meditating at the same time, at the same place everyday. If you are going to sit down then try to face the north or the east while doing so. Take up any comfortable position like a cross legged padmasana, or vajrasana or any other. You can lean on the wall if sitting erect for a long time is strenuous. The idea is not to strain any part of your body while meditating. Close your eyes and sit still. This might sound easy but in today's busy world, sitting still is indeed a difficult thing to do! Try to relax and stop your mind from wandering. As your meditation progresses concentrate on only one object and let everything else into absolution i.e. relax and let go!

Tratak Meditation

Tratak is a form of meditation in which the mind focuses only on one thing, and thereby, increases its concentration. Yantra and Om help in tratak meditation. Yantra are geometrical designs in various combinations of hues which are used for gazing at while practicing tratak form of meditation. Similarly, the Om symbol is also used so as to bring the mind to focus on one single thing. Tratak meditation follows the principle that the mind follows the gaze, and therefore, as the gaze becomes fixed, so does the mind.

The first step to be followed while practicing tratak is to place the object at eye level. Then, regulate breathing and begin gazing at the object. Try not to blink. Focus on the object and do not gaze vacantly. Look at the object without straining, and then, close you eyes. Keeping inner gaze steady visualize the object in your mind. Once this image disappears, open your eyes and begin the cycle again.

Meditation - Types Of Mantra

"Mantra" means the "instrument of the mind". There are many different types and length, and some are even chanted aloud. These have been used since time immemorial and are carriers of frequencies of sound vibrations which are believed to have profound effects on the human mind, spirit, and physiology. They are said to have an effect on everything that exists in the universe.

Meditation types like Tratak, Yantra, Om, and Mantra meditation are finding huge followers due to their benefits.