Some Approaches To Treatment Of Illnesses With Yoga

Many doctors recommend treatment of illnesses with Yoga as an alternative therapy for some diseases. Yoga, as we know, is a low impact form of exercise aimed at making the body as well as mind pure and healthy. It has a healing power which can be used to treat chronic diseases like diabetes, fatigue, stress, back pain, etc. It is a known fact that Yoga has a calming effect on the mind and soul, apart from making the body healthy.

Some Illnesses And How Yoga Is Helpful

If you have back pain, many "asanas" of Yoga involve stretching and bending of back muscles and provide exercise to some muscles which otherwise remain non-stimulated in general exercise. Thus, Yoga therapy is good for strengthening back muscles and improving overall circulation. With the help of your Yoga instructor, you can develop program consisting of a set of Yoga poses which are aimed at solving your illness.

For this, first find a very learned and experienced Yoga instructor, as Yoga for different health problems is not everyone's forte. For example, if you are suffering from Asthma, you will be taught some breathing exercises or Pranayama, which will help in making your lungs strong and increasing the capacity. If you are suffering from back pain, then treatment of illnesses with Yoga poses will consist of the camel pose, locust pose, or the cow pose, which is found to be beneficial in sloving this problem.

You will be surprised to know that people suffering from Cancer, have also been benefited by the healing power of Yoga. Yoga exercise makes them sleep better, regain their strength, and above all, cultivate positive attitude toward one's body. Since Yoga is formed on the basis of integrating your mind, soul, and body, it is found to be very good in improving the mental health.

Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga for mental health basically consists of poses which bring about control of the body, breathing exercises which clear off the mind and meditation to improve concentration. In a holistic treatment program, Yoga is found to be very useful. As all of us know, day-to-day stress in our lives is the main cause of many diseases and illnesses. Yoga helps reduce stress and bring about control in the body. Treatment of illnesses with Yoga consists of many poses which help reduce stress and exercise the body and mind without overdoing it.

Apart from treating chronic diseases and illnesses, Yoga is a simple remedy for many small physical problems. Like, you have sprained or twisted your leg; a Yoga pose which stretches the particular muscles can be very helpful. If you are feeling tired and fatigued, you can try relaxing Pranayama, other poses and feel the stress and fatigue leaving your body. Breathing exercise is based on proper inhaling and exhaling. In general, we don't exhale as much and inhale in short breaths, which sometimes is insufficient for proper oxygen supply to the brain. In Yoga breathing exercises, you are taught to inhale as well as exhale in a pattern that you get maximum oxygen and breathe out toxic gases.

Thus, we see that treatment of illnesses with Yoga is possible, through proper set of poses or "asanas". Of course, you must have a Yoga instructor who is well versed in such Yoga techniques. If you are getting treatment at a hospital or clinic, you may inquire there for referrals for a good instructor. Sometimes, doctors who believe in alternate therapy, themselves recommend Yoga classes and instructors.