Meditation - Types Of Mantra

Mantra, a term that is very frequently used in meditation come from the Sanskrit word 'man' which means mind and 'tra' which means instrument. Thus 'mantra' stands for 'the instrument of the mind'. Meditation involves many different types of mantra in which mantras are words that focus the mind and body to release stress in order to achieve mental clarity and health.

Meditation - How It Works?

What is meditation? This is a very common question. Meditation is the process by which the mind is made to relax and brought under the control of the conscious self. Thus the mind is strengthened and is able to face the external world calmly. There are many different types of meditation. There is classical meditation like that described by Patanjali, meditation as described in Buddhism known as Vipsyana, Transcendental Meditation as described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, etc.

To meditate via mantra meditation one needs to sit in a meditative posture. Let the mind and body unwind. Pick a word that feels good when you say it or something you like to say over and over again such as peace, serenity etc. Repeat this chosen word or mantra continuously over and over again. Continue chanting this word and feel the sound of the mantra or word vibrate through your body for at least 20 minutes and then lie down quietly and relax.

Mantra Basics

The only purpose of a mantra while practicing meditation is to assist in focusing and concentrating. A mantra is like a car or a bus that transports you to a different place from the place you are in. Once you reach your destination you do not need the car or bus. Thus in a similar way there is no need for the mantra once you realize your inner self. The mantra simply takes you there and leaves you. There are many different types of mantras which vary according to cultures and traditions. There are silent mantras in some cultures while some use variations. The mantras are used differently by different people. Mantras have been used for healing, peace, harmony and other powerful emotions and intentions. There are cultures that chant the mantras aloud to express unseen forces of the Universe while others chant for devotion. It is believed that Gregorian chants help to connect with the Divine Gods. There are mantras of varying lengths also. Some are only a word while there are others which are sentences or verses. A syllable or a string of words, are considered to be very powerful for transcendental meditation.

Meditation of any kind is done for the only one purpose - for making the mind still. Whichever method is used to reach this ultimate goal is helpful for the mind and body. The mind and body of a person is not different. They are two elements that have to work together in tandem for a healthy and a happy individual. Meditation - types of mantra are definitely one meditation method to achieve eternal happiness.