What To Expect From Yoga Classes

While starting on Yoga classes, many of us do not know exactly what to expect from it. Many people take it as just another form of exercise like Aerobics or learning some sport. It's true that Yoga is a form of exercise, but it's different from other exercises as it integrates the mind, body and soul and it's based on proper breathing at proper time. It gives you the ability to manage stress through relaxation and thus drive you towards a healthy lifestyle which results in a healthy body.

What Will You Be Doing In A Yoga Class

In a Yoga class, the teacher concentrates on breathing. This style of breathing may seem difficult at first, but you will get used to it. The teacher will give you an introduction to Pranayama also. Since Yoga is non-competitive, your teacher is not concerned about what to expect from you or what other students can do. A posture that seems easy for one may be difficult for another person. Same poses may look different on different days. Do what you feel comfortable with your body, if it hurts, stop. To be comfortable with the classes, it is advisable to join Yoga for beginner's classes, instead of fast-track or advance forms of the exercise.

Yoga Equipments

Basic Yoga does not need any fancy equipment. Still if you want to know what the basic yoga equipment is, buy comfortable clothing, Yoga mats and that will be all. By comfortable clothing, we mean wear clothes that breathe, preferably cotton. They should be little form fitting as in many postures, you have to lift your legs and hands, the clothes should not slip. For both men and women, form fitting T-shirts and leggings work best.

Get a Yoga mat. A Yoga mat defines your personal space as well as provides friction to your hands and knees while doing "asanas", so that you don't slip off the floor. Some Yoga studios provide mats on rent, as well as blankets on rent. Blankets also provide a sitting space and support during the exercises. Some optional equipments are blocks, straps etc., which are used to maintain certain difficult poses. You do not need to buy them, the Yoga studio will provide them when required.

If you want to know what to expect from your teacher during the full course, do discuss what kind of yoga he/she is planning to teach you. Depending on your basic requirement, whether it is for weight loss, to relieve stress, to make the body more flexible or to improve overall healthy lifestyle, your exercises will be decided. You can buy a good Yoga style guide, to get familiar with different styles of Yoga.

When you are in a Yoga class, your instructor will take you through different poses and postures. It is not done randomly, instead a good instructor takes you through different exercises so that your whole body gets warmed up and tuned and there are lesser chances of injury during the exercises. Whether it is a breathing exercise, meditation or simple stretches, yoga has the power to set free your mind from the worries of daily life and relax you in the process.

It is not easy to document what to expect from your Yoga class, but it is up to you to absorb as much as you can. Go with a calm mind, concentrate on what you are doing, meditate and feel your muscles relax. Do not go with lot of pre-conceived notions. Yoga is all about knowing your inner self, and thus evolving your self image as you learn more.