What To Expect In A Yoga Beginners Class?

If you are not aware of what to expect in a beginners yoga class, here is some help at hand. The following paragraphs deal with the right yoga etiquettes and the basic equipment required for yoga for beginners class.

Learning The Yoga Etiquette

Yoga for everybody requires all to be well aware of the yoga etiquettes. And just being aware would not help unless you follow them to perfection too. Learning and following the yoga etiquettes would also help you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar surrounding. So let's start by knowing what to expect in your first yoga class:

  • You would be required to remove your shoes outside the entrance door. Don't worry about the hygiene aspect as yoga studios are completely clean. Moreover, all those around you would be barefoot so there is no question of dirt entering the studio.
  • Remember to arrive on time. You should not as a rule miss the yoga for beginners asanas. So arrive ten minutes before your scheduled class.
  • Switch off your cell phone as soon as you enter the studio. You obviously wouldn't want to be disturbed in the middle of a difficult asana. Moreover, your instructor too would also not like your phone ringing in the middle of a class.
  • You have to also learn to respect your yoga teacher no matter how much you dislike him. Learn to follow his entire instructions and pay complete attention while in class to reap maximum benefits.
  • Stick to the versions taught to you if you are in the beginners section. Do not try variations that can confuse the class and disrupt the flow of the session.
  • Never leave the class just because you wish to skip a difficult pose. This might momentarily add to your satisfaction levels but ultimately you would not be able to gain the benefits that you ought to. You are practicing yoga for your health. So it would be in your interest to compete the session, and then, leave the class. No matter how urgent the requirements are, try not to leave the class midway. Complete the session right till the final relaxation poses and then go.

Basic Yoga Equipment For A Beginners Class

Now that you are aware of the yoga etiquettes, let us also learn about the basic equipment that you would be required to carry to class:

  • Clothing: The first and foremost aspect of a comfortable class that you would look forward to again. Remember to wear comfortable and breathable clothes. Also make sure that you wear exercise pants or shorts as you would be required to lift your legs or bow too low.
  • Shoes: The best part about yoga is that it is done barefoot. So you needn't have to worry about buying or packing bulky athletic shoes for your yoga sessions.
  • Mats: Your yoga mat also known as the sticky mat is a way to define your personal space in the studio. Besides, it also serves the purpose of preventing slips and falls by providing adequate cushioning on the floor.
  • Optional equipment includes props that are used for Iyengar style of yoga.

Hope the above has explained what to expect out of your first yoga class. If you are convinced enough, start looking for a yoga studio today. Alternatively, you can also register with a site that teaches online yoga for free.