Make Yoga Fun With These Yoga Accessories

If going to a yoga school seems boring and mundane, add some zing with yoga accessories. There are plenty of accessories that can pep up your learning sessions. Do not quit your classes if you are bored of the same old surrounding. Instead, create an all-new atmosphere by making small changes, brighten the environment, and add loads of freshness and energy. Bring home some accessories and re-invent your yoga retreats. After all, you cannot forgo the health benefits this alternate treatment offers. The ambience is conducive to practicing these exercises, make use of incense sticks, fragrant flowers etc. to bring back life to your sessions.

Here Are Some Of The Must Have Yoga Accessories;

  • Eye pillows - As the name suggests, these pillows are designed to relax tired eyes. They are made with flax seeds and are very comforting for tired eyes. Eye pillow provides gentle pressure to the eyes, eyebrows and forehead. They cozily snug your eyes, and their soft weight works its way to relax you further. It can even transport you to the snooze-world.
  • Mats - They are a must have, for you have to sit on the floor for hours and the hard floor can hurt or cause numbness in the feet. This accessory is essential; it provides cushioning to the body. These mats are available in different sizes and colors. They are washable and eco-friendly in nature.
  • Yoga clothing - This is another important accessory. It is important to wear comfortable, skin friendly clothes while exercising. Your skin should be able to breathe and the fabric should absorb sweat. The clothes should not be too tight else they may restrict free movement.
  • Straps - These straps help you hold on to a posture, which is difficult to reach. They are either made of nylon or cotton and are a must have in the initial stages of learning.
  • Yoga Props - Some other props like blocks, headstanders are important gears. Headstanders can be of great help in achieving the headstander posture (Shirshasana). They support the shoulder muscles.
  • Balls - These are essential for improving balance while exercising. The instability of the ball forces you to use other muscles to balance weight. They are good for lower back, abdomen, chest, arms and buttocks.
  • Shoes - You can either practice yogic exercises bare-footed or use shoes. There are some sports brands, who have introduced a line of shoes, especially for yogasanas.
  • Zabuton - This accessory gives support while practicing sitting postures. It protects the knees and feet on hard surfaces. It also prevents back pain, which might be experienced by some practitioners.
  • Neti Pot - This accessory is used for JALANETI treatment, also known as saline nasal irrigation. It is a way of cleaning nasal blockage and clears sinus. Neti pot is necessary for practicing this cleansing method. It has a pointed nozzle for practicing this yogasana with ease.

So, you see there are several ways to pep up your sessions at the yoga school. Get these handy and useful yoga accessories and add fun and comfort to your exercise.