Pranayama - What is Yoga Breathing? And other Queries

Pranayama - What is Yoga Breathing?

Breathing is the epitome of complete well being both physically and mentally. Thus breathing is very significant in the practice of yoga in order to enjoy its benefits to the maximum. Yoga breathing or pranayama allows complete and correct technique of breathing so that the entire lung capacity is utilized. Proper breathing would enable strong flow of energy, and thus, enhance vitality. Breathing with control over your breath is pranayama.

All about pranayama should be learnt under a qualified yoga guru or teacher so that the correct method can be followed. Erroneous methods would do more harm than good. The simplest pranayama include inhaling slowly till the abdomen expands followed by rib cage and upper chest. After this complete inhalation, exhale slowly and feel the air leave your lower neck, upper chest and the chest moves downward. Draw the abdominal wall close to the spine as possible to empty the lungs completely. The cycle should be repeated for five to ten times and gradually increased for benefits.

Pranayama - Advanced Breathing Techniques

Basic pranayama techniques can lead to advanced breathing techniques which allowed free flow of energy and purified the nadis or the energy channels of the body. Pranayama ensures that every cell in the body is oxygenated well. Once the basic pranayamas are mastered, the following advanced techniques can be practiced with instructions. These are largely responsible for flow of energy and the latent kundalini energy can be raised by this. Spiritual and physical purification is of utmost importance before proceeding to this stage of pranayama. The purification can be obtained by practicing yoga postures or asanas, basic pranayamas, regular meditation, and a vegetarian diet for many months or even years.

Bandhas or bonds allow prolonged binding of air in the lungs or the locking of air channels in the lungs so that there is no flow through them. This is an advanced stage in pranayama. There are three types Jalandhara bandha, Uddiyana bandha and Moola bandha. The other breathing techniques practiced in the advanced stages include Samanu, bhastrika and Surya bheda. All of them are aimed at purification of body and mind and control over the energy flow of the body for health and peace of mind.

Pranayama - Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the most natural process that everybody performs involuntarily. It is automatic and spontaneous. Thus, we do it all the time unconsciously. But a little bit of correction in the way we breathe can bring in lots of change into our day-to-day life. We would be filled with the force of life and the vitality in our lives would increase manifold. Pranayama allows us this very important aspect of breathing. Breath is life, and hence, the importance of breathing right cannot be over emphasized.

Pranayama - what is yoga breathing is a common query that people starting off on yoga courses find asking themselves. Breathing is the core of all yoga asanas or postures and everything about yoga revolves around this fundamental process.