Yoga Centers- A Guide To Choosing The Right Yoga Center

When it comes to joining a yoga class, there are plenty of yoga centers to choose from. However, you just cannot go and join any center. You have to first choose a style of yoga that suits your body and level of expertise.

The Right Style For You

So first you would need to do a little bit of research on the various styles of yoga being taught today. If you are confused about which style is right for you, you can always consult a yoga teacher to help you out. Once you have chosen a particular style, you can begin looking for yoga centers in your area that specialize in the style that you are interested in.

It is better to choose a yoga center near your home or workplace, because this will keep you motivated. If you choose a center that is not nearby, you will have trouble commuting there everyday. And this might just give you an excuse for not attending your class everyday.

Inspecting The Center

Once you have a list of yoga centers in your hand, go ahead and inspect them. When you visit a yoga center for the first time, it will leave a certain impression on you. Do you feel that the place is comfortable? Is there a peaceful environment? Is the room temperature comfortable or do you feel that the place is too cluttered up? If you are going to be joining a Hot Yoga class, the place is going to be hot. You should not hold that against the center.

Choosing The Right Teacher

See if the staff is friendly? You should especially be concerned about the instructor. The teacher should be friendly as well as knowledgeable. So go ahead and ask them the following questions:

  • How often do they practice? A teacher that does not practice yoga herself/himself should not be teaching it.
  • How long have they been practicing yoga? A three-year experience is a must for a good yoga teacher.
  • Find out how long did they train? With yoga gaining popularity in the West, many schools train teachers within two months. This is not a good practice. Two-year training is a must for a yoga teacher.
  • Are they still learning yoga? Many teachers stop learning yoga once they have completed their training. This is not good for yoga. A well qualified teacher is one who is constantly learning more about yoga by attending seminars and classes. This helps them provide the latest knowledge to their students.

If you have a good personal rapport with the teacher and she/he also meets the above requirements, you can go ahead and join the class. However, there is another thing that you should consider before you join a class - the student-teacher ratio.

Class Size

The size of the class is important especially if you are a beginner. You would like the teacher to correct you if you do any pose wrongly. In a class that has 50 students this might not be possible. Instead of joining such a big class it is better to learn at home with the help of a yoga video.

Overall, you should remember that yoga centers are meant to help you learn and practice yoga. Once you have chosen the right center, you can get your yoga wear and equipment ready to start practicing.