Yoga For Fitness - How To Find The Right Yoga Classes?

Yoga is fitness training that has both mental and physical benefits. This is why it is very important to locate the right yoga classes as well as a good yoga instructor to attain maximum benefits.

If you are new to the world of yoga, you would be surprised to know of the several varieties of fitness form. However, while some yoga asanas are simple to learn, there are others that require high level of fitness and expertise. As a beginner it is essential to first try a couple of yoga classes to see which one suits your physical form, the most. This would help you locate the classes suitable for your requirement.

Simplistic And Intense Forms Of Yoga

The most commonly practiced form of yoga is Hatha Yoga. This form of yoga is ideal for beginners. This form focuses on slow stretching and easy asanas. If you are looking for a yoga class that can provide for your wellbeing then Hatha yoga classes are just for you. Such classes are available at all gymnasiums and fitness clubs.

Some intense forms of yoga that can root out chronic diseases are Iyangar, Vinyasa, Tantric and Hot Yoga. There are some other forms of yoga that provide spiritual strength and stability. They have a calming and balancing effect on the mind, body and soul. You can locate such classes in yoga retreats and ashrams.

More On Forms Of Yoga

  • Iyangar Yoga: This form of yoga offers a challenging workout with the help of a yoga instructor. Unlike Hatha Yoga, Iyangar also makes use of props like bands and bricks for providing physical training. This form of yoga is not for the out-of-shape individuals. Only those who are already in good physical shape and intend to improve it further must join these yoga classes.
  • Hot Yoga: Anther popular form of yoga is Hot yoga. This form of yoga is done in a 95 degree room. Full of sweating students and an intense workout of stretching and bending, hot yoga is also one of the most sought after yoga classes today. This form of yoga helps bring flexibility to stiff joints and muscles and aids our well being. This form of yoga is especially prominent in freezing northern states as it provides a warm winter workout.
  • Ashtanga: This is yet another physical challenging form of yoga practice. It is based on ethical practices.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: This yoga consists of multiple poses that are connected with the breathing pattern of the pupil. A very energizing and physically challenging form of yoga, Vinyasa yoga is also practiced by many.

Most of the above forms of yoga can be learnt in fitness clubs. In case you are not able to locate a particular kind of yoga in your neighborhood gym then you can head to one of the yoga retreats meant for the same purpose. At the same time you should keep in mind that choosing the right class also depends upon the individual's personal preferences. It would be best to go for yoga classes that suit your needs.