Yoga Clothing - Dressing Right For Yoga

As a general rule yoga clothing has to be comfortable. The clothes should allow you to do the poses with ease. That is why it is recommended that the clothes should not be very tight or very loose. A tight fitting t-shirt or sweat pant will not allow you to stretch. Moreover, it will hinder your breathing movement. Similarly a loose fitted t-shirt or sweat pant will come in your way while you perform various poses. So the right yoga clothing has to be comfortable and stretchable.

While buying your yoga clothes you also have to keep in mind the type of yoga you are practicing. Certain styles of yoga focus on movement and meditation; therefore, clothes that are warm and comfortable should be your choice in such a case. Bikram Yoga, on the other hand, is performed in a room in which the temperature is not less than 95 degrees; therefore, the right yoga wear would be the one that is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe.

Vinayasa Yoga Wear

Vinayasa yoga focuses on movement from one pose to the next. There is a lot of movement in this yoga and as a result it puts lot of stress on the cothes. Therefore, your yoga clothing for practicing Vinayasa yoga should be comfortable and one that allows maximum movement.

Similar type of clothing is required for Asthanga and Power Yoga too.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga involves gentle and slow movements. This particular form of yoga is perfect for beginners, as it focuses on poses and breathing techniques. Any comfortable clothing will do for practicing Hatha Yoga.

Things To Keep In Mind

When buying yoga clothes, it would help to keep a few things in mind.

  • Loose fitting clothes that flow with the body are perfect for practice. However, they should not be very loose.
  • Clothes made of natural material are ideal for yoga practice. Generally cotton clothes are a good choice, as they allow the body to breathe.
  • Very bright colored clothes are not recommended, as they can distract. Soft colors and pastel shades are a better option for clothes.
  • Yoga is not about wearing short or long clothes. If you are comfortable in a short dress, you can practice while wearing it. However, most people prefer to wear long clothes that cover their entire body during practice.

So where can you buy yoga clothing? You can buy a t-shirt and a sweat pant from any clothing store. However, if you are looking for clothes specifically designed for yoga, you should check out the yoga stores.

Shop Online

You can also opt for yoga online to find yoga clothes. There are so many online stores that sell yoga clothes and accessories. Moreover, they are also available at very competitive rates.

Some yoga centers also provide clothes and accessories to their students. Check to see if your yoga center is selling clothes.

When buying yoga clothes, you do not need to opt for the most expensive ones. You should buy clothes that are within your budget. However, you should always ensure that you are buying good quality clothes.

When it comes to buying yoga clothing there is no shortage of choices. You can go for branded clothes or non-branded clothes. The choice is yours.