Good Yoga Etiquette To Follow In Yoga Classes

As with every good practice, you need to follow certain Yoga etiquette to feel comfortable and make optimal use of the yoga classes. As you must know, Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise form; the word "yoga" in Sanskrit means union. Here, it is the union or integration of mind, body, and spirit, to remain in harmony with one's body and the environment. Thus, it is a very ancient and poignant exercise-come-art form, which can be learnt through dedication and following some basic rules. To really learn and appreciate the power of yoga, one must have faith in this form as the ultimate goal is not only to benefit the body, but also to purify and enrich the spirit and mind.

Rules To Be Followed

Let's go through certain rules of good yoga etiquette that are based on cleanliness, courtesy, and of course, common sense:

  • Unlike aerobics or other exercises, yoga is done barefoot. Most of the yoga studios have a place for keeping your footwear near the entrance. As all the people inside the studio will be moving around without footwear, its best to take off your shoes as soon as you enter, to maintain hygiene and decorum.
  • If you are joining yoga for beginners class, you will not require any equipment. Accessories like yoga mats and props will be provided by the studio. So just walk in with a calm mind and a will to learn.
  • Yoga involves lot of meditation, and thus, silence is maintained throughout the studio. So, it's a good practice to turn off your cell phone as soon as you enter the studio, or at least, put it on silent mode.
  • Yoga teachers demand respect. As it is a very sacred and ancient form of knowledge, the teachers must have gone through intense training and practice to qualify as a trainer. As Yoga originates from India, where the teacher is placed next to God, the tradition of respecting the teacher more than anyone, continues in Yoga classes.
  • If you are in confusion, as what to expect in the very first Yoga class -rest assured. Yoga is non competitive, so do not worry about what others are doing. Concentrate on what you are doing and follow the instructor. Expect some silent moments for meditation, introduction to Pranayama, basic stretching and relaxing exercises during the first few classes.

Some Other Golden Rules To Follow

Avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants during the session. It gets hot, and then, you smell your own sweat, which will be a lot worse with artificial smells mixed in it. Wear appropriate clothing. Best are breathable cotton clothes, cycling shorts with form-hugging T-shirts. As part of buying basic Yoga equipment, get exercise clothing's, Yoga mat or rugs, towels, etc.

It's important to reach the Yoga studio on time; its one of the best Yoga etiquette. Do not talk unnecessarily in the class, speak only when you want assistance or have to ask the teacher about something. Last but not the least, do the Savasana properly, it will help your body to cool down and prevent injuries. Keep your body hydrated by drinking water during the breaks and at any time you feel thirsty. If you follow these simple rules in the Yoga class, you will have a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.