Look Young And Feel Refreshed With Yoga Facials

Everyone wants to look young and fresh; Yoga facials are one of the latest techniques to achieve this goal. Your face does so many things all through the day: chewing, smiling, talking, frowning, sneezing, laughing, and much more. It is exposed to sunlight, dirt, water, moisture, makeup, scrubs, soaps, etc. Along with your body, your face also needs a break! Many Yoga studios as well as spas offer Yoga facials, but you can do it in home also.

Simple Steps Of The Facial

Start off with palming, in this you have to rub your hands together briskly to make them warm. When you feel that it is warm, cup it over your closed eyes, it will relieve lots of tension from the eyes and the whole face. This exercise will help you loosen the face muscles.

Next exercise is done by placing your middle finger and index finger of both the hands on the forehead. Make small circles on the foreheads and do a little massage. With the same fingers, massage your eye socket and feel the tension going.

Apart from these massaging exercises, there are certain Yoga poses like the lion pose that form a part of the facial. In this, the mouth and eyes are opened wide, as wide as possible and roaring is done, tongue is stuck out. In the spas, this is followed by clay facial.

Treating Diseases With Yoga

There are Yoga for different health problems. It consists of a set of exercises. Many chronic diseases like Diabetes, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. can be controlled by doing Yoga practice regularly. The aim of Yoga is to purify and energize the mind and body. When a balance is achieved by doing the right mix of meditation, breathing, and other exercises of Yoga, you can feel the improvement in your overall health.

Many doctors, who believe in alternative or natural therapy, suggest treatment of illnesses with Yoga. Obesity, increased blood sugar levels, hypertension - many such diseases can be cured. If the patient has gone through a surgery, an accident or is recovering from cancer treatment, Yoga can work wonders if performed under proper guidance.

Whether it is specific Yoga for men, women, or general poses, it will benefit you in the longer run. Since men are very much into sports and other physically challenging activities, Yoga builds a strong system for them that help them in such activities. It relieves tension from muscles and meditation exercises help them reduce stress while increasing the concentration.

Yoga facials are not only for women, men can benefit from it, too. It is not just a beauty therapy; it is a part of looking and feeling healthy and strong. With these exercises, you will feel that your tension is going, muscles are more relaxed and rejuvenated and your blood circulation has improved. Including the facials in your daily exercise routine will improve the tone and tightness of your skin. In the longer run, your wrinkling process will be delayed, making you look younger. Just give 15 minutes to the Yoga facials and see the difference in a few days, the trick is that you have to be regular in your Yoga session for full benefit.