Yoga For Better Night's Sleep - Simple Measures For Effective Relief

A good night's sleep is mandatory for better health. Many people who suffer from sleep disorders can get relief by performing yoga. There are various asanas in yoga that can relieve the tension or stress responsible for disturbances in sleep. Yoga also provides relaxation to the body organs so that there is no physical stress. This ultimately benefits individuals in getting proper sleep patterns; which is essential for a better night's sleep. In general, performing yoga not only improves health but also improves the metabolism. A healthy body and proper metabolism is also the foremost prerequisite for a sound sleep. However, it is always advisable to practice yoga earlier in the day rather than performing them right before going to sleep.

Studies have revealed that exercise improves the quality of sleep. Practicing the vigorous poses of yoga can be fruitful in providing a better sleep. The Ashtanga and Power Yoga, the most vigorous forms of yoga, are found to be helpful in improving sleep patterns. These can be performed thrice a week to get desired results.

Another useful measure to improve the sleep is to practice the three-part-breath technique. It not only relieves the tension of the body but also clears the mind from the clutters. The breathing technique is considered one of the best ways to prepare the body for sleep. Moreover, since it relieves the physical stress too, it is essentially an ideal way to improve the sleep patterns.

Apart from the regular yoga poses, there are some very simple stretches of yoga that can be performed in bed. The Happy Baby and Goddess positions are extremely useful stretches for this purpose. The former pose releases the tensions from the lower back and hips. This results in feeling more relaxed and looser. The latter, Goddess pose is helpful in opening the groins. It also offers a simple way for getting the perfect relief for improving sleep quality.

There is another very simple yet effective pose for improving sleep patterns. It is the Corpse pose or Savasana. This is performed lying in bed. Usually, this pose is used to increase awareness of the body organs. One has to concentrate the attention on the body parts one by one, starting from the toes. Before moving on to the next organ, the part of the body already thought about is loosened. In this way one should pass through the legs, arms, through the torso to the neck and face gradually. After finishing all the organs, one needs to concentrate the thoughts on the breathing, if the mind starts wandering. The predominant aim of this asana is to provide relief through a constructive thought process and controlling the mind. It is a very effective asana for improving sleep quality and pattern. Moreover, it can be performed before sleeping and while lying in the bed.

Generally, most of the yoga poses are helpful in providing a better quality of sleep. However, one should not expect miracle from the day one of practicing yoga. It is to be noted that the yoga poses can offer considerable benefit only when performed regularly and through a proper regime. This is also applicable to the poses mentioned here for improving the sleep patterns.