Practical Tips for Absolute Beginners Of Yoga

If you are one of the absolute beginners wanting to learn how to start doing yoga, here are some practical tips to help you.

Move From Easy To Difficult Postures

It is best to find a yoga class and learn under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Also, you should know that even though, you might be physically fit; it is not simple to do yoga asanas. You need to first learn the basic yoga poses before you attempt to do the advanced and more difficult ones. Check out the seated twist, down dog, cobra, forward fold and cat- these are all simple yoga asanas. Always end your practice with the relaxation posture called Shavasana. Do this for 5-15 minutes.

Learn The Right Technique Of Breathing

Yoga entails a different kind of breathing exercise. It is called pranayama. You must learn how to do pranayama singularly and then combine it with your practice of asanas. In initial days, you can start with learning how to do Dirga and Ujjayi Pranayama.

Do Meditation

Meditation is an important part of yoga. You should begin and end your class with meditation for a few minutes.

Use The Right Equipment And Gear

It is essential that you have the required yoga equipment and are wearing appropriate yoga gear during your class. You need to do your asanas on a yoga mat. For beginners, the classic mat is the best option. Yoga props like pillows and foam blocks are also handy in practicing the asanas. You should be wearing cool and comfortable clothes that allow your body to breathe during your practice.

Have A Few Books, DVDs And CDs

Of course, once you begin to enjoy your yoga class for absolute beginners, you would want to continue learning on your own. You can accelerate your education in yoga for beginners by reading yoga books and practicing at home with help of DVDs and CDs.

Listen To Music

Yoga becomes enjoyable with yoga music. Music helps to soothe your mind and body. You are able to learn better if you play a yoga music CD while doing the asanas.

Follow The Dos And Don'ts

You must be aware of the dos and don'ts of yoga, if you are one of the absolute beginners. Read about all the contraindications for the different postures. Avoid yoga if you are menstruating, pregnant or have injury. Ensure that you have a gap of at least 1 hour between your yoga practice and eating/drinking. You might have asked a lot of people, 'Can yoga help you lose weight'. The answer to this question is yes. But not if you eat junk food regularly and think yoga will offset that for you. Like all forms of exercise, yoga also requires that you eat healthy and nutritious foods.

If you want to learn more about yoga for absolute beginners, you can browse the internet or visit the nearest yoga studio in your locality.