Breathe Free With Yoga For Asthma

A number of people all over the world suffer a great deal from asthma. Yoga for asthma is the most effective way to cure it without any side effects at all. Doctors prescribe a long list of medicines to you; you take them regularly and still aren't satisfied with the results. If this is the case with you, you should try yoga for asthma. It is one great way to improve your health quickly.

Asthma is basically caused by stress and allergy to dust. The increasing pollution adds on to the suffering of the asthma patient. The narrowing of bronchi causes difficulty in breathing, especially while exhaling. In asthma the patient gets an attack that is described by a feeling of shortness of breath accompanied by coughing.

Yoga for different health problems like yoga for musculoskeletal system is practiced so as to control the effects. There are several asanas in yoga which are very helpful for asthmatic patients. All over the world, yoga therapy is carried out for them and it has been proved to be life-saving. Yogic gurus teach the patients that the central of every disease is the mind and so it is important to have a calm and relaxed mind. Yoga helps in proper absorption of food and also toughens the lungs, digestive and respiratory systems. If done continuously and with proper support it can decrease attacks and can even cure asthma.

Yoga for asthma reduces anxiety which medicines can't do and also gives access to the patients to their own internal experience. It even helps them discover the cause of the disease. Some of the yogic practices helps the patients regulate breathing pattern and develop better lung functioning. As a result most of them are able to manage their condition better.

Asthma is diagnosed in children as well as in elders. Yoga for elders suffering from asthma can be very beneficial. It helps them to achieve a stabilization of their immune system and also increases the body's tolerance to infections.

There a number of asanas for asthma like the cleansing technique or Pranayama. Jala Neti and Sutra Neti are some of the cleansing techniques which can help you at a great extent. Pranayam like Anuloma-Viloma, Surbyabhedana, Kapalbhati, Bhramari, etc are all prescribed by yogic gurus to help you get out of this disease. Shavasana is one such pose that you should regularly practice whenever it is possible. Doing all this asanas regularly can give you peace of mind.

All these asanas should be carried out on an empty stomach and in open areas. Yoga for asthma has given good results in the past few years. Give it a try.