Enhance Back Health By Practicing Yoga For Back Pain Series 1 - Yoga For Back Health

Yoga for back pain series 1: Yoga for back health is a series of four yoga postures. These yoga poses and workouts are designed for the beginners of yoga, and they help in providing support to the back. Yoga improves back health with the aid of few stretching exercises which are very gentle. Yoga for back pain relieves pain naturally.

The four poses that are incorporated in the yoga for back pain series 1: yoga for back health are pelvic tilts, supported bridge pose, reclined big toe pose or supta padangusthasana and supine spinal twist or supta matsyendrasana.

Yoga for back pain series 2: Basic flexibility for pain prevention increases the strength and flexibility of the spine and makes the core portion strong. It consists of a series of 4 poses as Cat-cow stretch, Downward facing dog or Adho mukha svanasana, Cobra pose or Bhujangasana and Child's pose or Balasana.

Yoga for back pain series 3- Hip work for a balanced back also includes four postures as Mountain pose, Triangle pose, Extended side angle pose and Standing forward bend. These standing poses improve the bodily posture thereby reducing the pain. It improves the balance and makes the hips strong and flexible.

Yoga for back pain series 1: Yoga for back health starts with pelvic tilts. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the core part of the body get toned. This move is used in the beginning stages of rehabilitation. It awakens the nerves and the core muscles of the pelvis region. It strengthens the muscles and makes the lower back portion stable. The tight muscles present around the hip portion get stretched with this move. The pelvic tilt moves the total pelvic region and the vertebrae in the lower back region which increases the strength of muscles, which in turn, helps in maintaining the perfect posture of the lower back portion. It addresses all kinds of lower back problems. It can be done during pregnancy. It helps in correcting the posture.

The supported bridge pose changes the balance between the flexibility and strength of the muscles in the body. It improves the balance of the pelvis region and makes the abdominals strong with the help of stretching. Supported bridge pose makes the muscles of the lower back strong, helps in releasing tension in the muscles and stabilizes the trunk developing the entire body.

Reclined big toe pose or supta padangusthasana helps in stretching the calves and hamstrings very gently. This posture helps to decrease back pain by flat low back posture.

The last in the Yoga for back pain series 1: Yoga for back health is the Supine spinal twist or supta matsyendrasana. This yoga posture involves rotating of the spine by twisting the waist while lying on the back. The shoulders should be placed flat on floor with one leg straight, while the other knee bent and lifted up so as to cross over your body. It should be practiced only after consulting a doctor. It may be a cause of concern in case of a degenerative disk disease or sacroiliac instability. It creates a relation between the shoulders and the hips through spine. The pose should not be attempted further if you experience pain.