Now Yoga For Elders Too!

It is widely believed that fifty years of age is the perfect age to practice yoga since the plethora of experience gained by then would greatly enhance the feeling of consciousness and hence help in reaching increased levels of awareness. Yoga is the bringing together of body and spirit. As life progresses, so does the perspectives on life. As people age, the spiritual side seems more interesting, and this is very good from the point of view of yoga. The interest in the spiritual world is an excellent foundation to begin practicing yoga. It might not be advisable or even possible for the elderly people to try on complicated and acrobatic postures that are included in yoga, but the easier breathing and relaxation techniques can be practiced by anyone. However old they are, it would certainly prove beneficial.

Benefits Of Yoga For Elders

With age come the common ailments like muscle cramps, osteoporosis, back pain, weak bones, decreased mobility, and joint pain. These can be relieved by gentle yogic movements. The elderly should bank on the principle of gradualism for success in their yoga endeavors. It should be practiced slowly, one step at a time and reach higher levels to enjoy improved circulation of blood and stronger muscles. Pranayama or breathing exercises which is part of all yoga courses is another must that should be practiced for prolonged good health and better oxygenation of tissues. Many common diseases like asthma and diabetes can be controlled by the regular practice of yoga.

Yoga for diabetes has been proved to be sixty percent effective. Certainly, there are no evidences of diabetes being cured but blood sugar levels can be brought down by disciplined practice of yoga, and resultantly medicine intake has drastically reduced. This alternative therapy is definitely worth a try since yoga is safe and has no negative side effects apart from the increase in joy and vitality that a person feels irrespective of his age.

Men and women can practice yoga and reap the health benefits that usually follow a disciplined life. Yoga for men helps them to realize their potential and increase their inner awareness. Men are more physically active, and hence, the yoga asanas can help them to offset physical irregularities that might have occurred while indulging in physical activities like games and sports. Asanas aids in the correction of irregularities by loosening muscle tightness and realigning the body parts to its original positions. Sometimes weight training along with yoga gives very good results. The overall effect of yoga leads to flexibility and relaxation of muscles by the practice of asanas, good nervous system and improved vibrancy due to breathing exercises or pranayama and complete focus and concentration brought about by meditation.

Age-related diseases can find relief in yoga. Be it prostate conditions, impotence, heart problems, or just malaise - yoga has the answer to all of them. Yoga for elders is highly recommended by physicians these days in view of the increased health benefits and improved quality of life that can be enjoyed in the September days.