Yoga For Men - Beneficial In Many Ways

Many men are concerned that Yoga may not be the right thing for them as it requires lot of flexibility, but the fact is that Yoga for men is as beneficial as it is for women or children. A regular practice of Yoga including meditation makes men more concentrated, makes them develop a positive attitude toward life and, of course, makes them physically strong.

Some Problems Of Men Solved With Yoga

Most men are into sports, and this brings about physical irregularities due to stretching and pulling of some particular muscles more than the others. In sports like tennis, golf and soccer, some particular muscles are used much more; this causes fatigue in particular areas. If Yoga therapy is followed by men, which consists of many "asanas", breathing exercises, and Pranayama, this will increase flexibility in the muscles and relax them.

Many men suffer from obesity; Yoga for men is a good way to reduce weight, also. Many exercises specifically target this problem by flexing all muscles as well as by encouraging good habits of eating healthy and wholesome food. It targets the root cause of obesity: bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. As Yoga tends to integrate the mind/body; it helps men get rid of unhealthy lifestyle and habits, thus promoting good health.

For weight reduction, men also do weight training that sometimes gets monotonous and boring. By including Yoga exercises in the weight training, you can see better results. The Yoga stretches, meditation, and Pranayama - or a combination of all of these - improve circulation, increase concentration, improve nervous system response, and reduce stress.

For Chronic Health Problems

Yoga for different health problems is also used to combat certain diseases in men, which are age related. For example prostrate conditions, heart problems, impotence, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc, can be controlled to a great extent by using different Yoga poses and exercises. Another common problem of back pain can be alleviated using Yoga for men. As a result of injuries, accidents, or bad posture, most of the men suffer from back pain during some stage of their life. A simple set of stretching and twisting poses of Yoga can provide relief in such cases.

Exercise and deep breathing are recommended by even doctors to relieve stress and control blood pressure. Forward bends, inverted poses, and sitting asanas - all, together, improve the circulatory system, reduce pressure on the arteries and allow you to breathe more naturally.

Yoga for kids is also very popular which mostly consists of simple stretches and meditations, which help the kids, become more flexible and increase their concentration. Although, it may seem to you that Yoga is all made up of stretches and different poses, but the essence of getting it all right is the breathing or Pranayama exercises. When we breathe in short, gasping breaths, we feel anxiety, instability, and lack focus. While, if we breathe in a rhythmic, controlled way, it increases over focus, makes us calm, and thus increase concentration and positive attitude.

Men particularly, breathe in the wrong way, from the chest. Ideally, breath should be deep inside, from the abdomen, filling the lungs. In Yoga for men, many breathing exercises are done which tend to focus on deep breathing, thus relieving stress and strengthen the lungs as well. Meditation helps you clear your mind of negative thought and bring clarity and calmness in your thought process. In short, everyone has got a lot to gain from Yoga-be it men, women, or kids!