Yoga For Mental Health - Helping Experience Overall Well-Being

Yoga for mental health helps provide for the overall well-being of an individual. It deals with bringing about a balance between the emotional, social, physical and spiritual aspects of life. A person in good mental health has a sense of purpose and self-acceptance.

Let us now learn more about how yoga for different health problems helps deal with mental illnesses.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is a wide concept that refers to the emotional and psychological well-being of an individual. A mentally stable person can use his emotional capabilities to handle his day-to-day life and activities with ease and perfection. However, there are some people who, due to negative experiences, undergo deterioration in their mental condition. Some mental health conditions include:

  • Mood disorders: Symptoms are troubled sleep, restlessness, a continuous feeling of hopelessness, fatigue and suicidal thoughts. Mood disorders are of two kinds: depression and bipolar disorder. Depression is a state of sadness that adversely affects an individual's social functions. Bipolar disorder is a state wherein a person alternates between mania and depression.
  • Anxiety disorders: Symptoms include phobias, abnormal anxiety and panic disorders. People suffering from anxiety disorders are unpredictable and disruptive in their daily routines.
  • Schizophrenia: The most serious form of mental illness. Here the patient lives with distorted perceptions of reality.
  • Personality disorders: Symptoms include abnormal thoughts, emotional responses and destructive behavior. People suffering from personality disorders are rigid and narrow-minded and often have problems dealing with other people.
  • Eating disorders: Another common mental illness, in which a person's obsession with food results in a negative effect on both the person's social and personal life. Media exposure and genetics are the two known causes of eating disorders.
  • Organic brain disorder: The result of a physical brain injury that is caused due to an accident or a blow. Patients suffering from organic brain disorder suffer from memory loss and a confused state of mind.

Yoga and Mental Health

Mental problems like anxiety and depression have a negative impact on our family and social life. They also adversely affect our performance at work and ultimately lead to low self-realization and acceptance. Here is how yoga for mental health can help tackle the problem:

  • Yoga for anxiety: Anxiety is another name for worrying. A person in this state is extremely emotional and feels a sense of threat and danger from an unknown source. Yoga for anxiety helps combat anxiety and brings back the individual to a normal state.
  • Yoga for depression: Depression greatly affects an individual's performance both at home and works. Yoga for depression helps one cope up with his or her condition by promoting a balance between physical and mental well-being.

Yoga for different health problems helps one achieve a deeper knowledge of oneself. Yoga for mental health also helps relieve irregularities in the brain, promoting overall health and well-being. The asanas help cleanse the nervous and circulatory systems of the human body and provide a healthier mind, body and soul. Pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques are some common yoga asanas that are advantageous for mental health.

Apart from regularly practicing yoga for mental health, it is also very important to seek medical attention simultaneously. For more information on Yoga for the endocrine system and Yoga for the digestive system, log on to the Internet.