Start Yoga For Weight Loss

Do you want to start yoga for weight loss? Excess weight has become a problem for many people today. Everyone knows that there are manifold health benefits of practicing yoga. But does yoga really help you to reduce weight? You will be glad to know that it does. Yoga is very effective in dealing with health problems like obesity.

Different types of yoga are practiced to build strength, flexibility and endurance. But unlike cardio-vascular exercises, some types of yoga may not increase the rate of your heartbeat which is necessary if you want to reduce weight. So, it is important for you to know which school of yoga will particularly help you to lose weight. Yoga can definitely help you to reduce weight but it depends on which style of yoga you select and how rigorously you practice it.

It is true that regular practice of yoga can help you to lose weight but along with yoga, you must also follow a healthy diet plan and avoid overeating and eating junk foods. If you start regular yoga but continue to eat unhealthy junk foods then you might not get the desired result even after a sincere practice of yoga. If today sedentary lifestyle is the main reason of your obesity then another cause is eating junk foods. To get an effective result in yoga, you must strike a balance among yoga practice, healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

If you want to make yoga a part of your lifestyle, it is advisable that you do a vigorous 90 minutes of yoga exercises, at least three times a week. People with excess weight problem are usually advised to combine yoga with running, walking, or aerobics exercises to get more effective result.

Before you start yoga, it is important for you to know about which types of yoga help to reduce weight. The types of yoga that are helpful for reducing weight are called vinyasa or flow yoga. This yoga style is based on a series of poses that are called surya pranam. To reduce extra weight, you can try the following yoga techniques.

  • Iyengar - In this yoga style, a series of postures are practiced and each pose is held for a long period of time with proper breathing technique that aims to concentrate on every body part from where you want shed the extra kilos.
  • Ashtanga - It is a rigorous style of yoga and is extremely effective for reducing weight. In Ashtanga, a series of asanas are practiced one after another in a flow. The advantage of this yoga is that once you learn the basic principles of this yoga, you can practice it at home.
  • Power Yoga - Power yoga has become very popular among the contemporary styles because it includes a vigorous cardiovascular workout.
  • Hot Yoga - A series of yoga is practiced at a higher room temperature that involves profuse sweating and is very effective for weight loss.

You can start yoga to reduce weight after consulting your yoga instructor. Without any delay, start yoga for weight loss for a healthier life.