Locating The Perfect Yoga Instructor

Finding the right yoga instructor can be quite an ordeal especially when you don't know where to begin your search. Yoga craze has taken the whole world by storm. As a result several yoga schools of poor quality have sprung up all over the nation. These schools are of low capacity and often end up offering worthless classes to their pupils.

Yoga Today

Yoga has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact in the US alone there are several people who are spending to the tune of 1-2 billion USD per year on yoga classes and associated equipment. But in this wild chase, more often than not, the rich tradition and holistic appeal of the fitness form is lost.

It is very important to locate the right yoga teacher who can combine exercise and meditation to give you the complete benefits of yoga. The classes offered by the teacher should not only help you reduce weight and gain good skin, they should also promise increased flexibility, toned muscles and a stress-free life.

Tips To Locate A Good Yoga Instructor

Yoga seems like a very simple form of exercise. But in reality it is a very complicated form of workout that requires you to attain the perfect postures to gain maximum benefit. These complicated asanas can be perfected only with the help of a yoga instructor. It is extremely important to not only follow yoga at home tutorial, it is also important to be taught by a yoga professional. Here are some things to look for in the yoga teacher before you make him/her your guru:

  • The trainer must be interested in your specific needs. He should be interested in listening to you first rather than in showing what he can do.
  • He should be free to help you find the right program that suits your needs. If the yoga instructor is just throwing up several generic programs at you without paying attention to your specific needs then the instructor is not the right one for you.
  • Describe your specific goals that you wish to attain with the help of yoga. A good instructor would custom-make a program for you so that you are able to meet that goal.
  • Another good sign of a professional yoga trainer is that he/she would ask for your complete personal and medical information before offering you any specialties. Yoga is a form of exercise where the students can be exposed to many injuries. So unless you are fit enough to perform the yoga asanas you must not join yoga at home program or even a fitness club. A good yoga instructor would first find out your medical status and then design a program for you.
  • A good instructor also breaks down the asanas step-by-step to explain the various poses of yoga. Besides encouraging the pupils, the instructor would let you know your weak points so that you can improve on them.

The above might seem like a daunting task. But then your yoga program is worth all the effort only if you can reap the maximum benefits out of it. The key to locating the perfect yoga instructor is to keep looking. Research hard and you will surely come up with a perfect instructor for yourself.