Use Yoga Matt To Improve Your Yoga Poses

Yoga matt is used during yoga practice. The best part of yoga is that you don't need to buy any expensive equipment to practice it. All you need is a comfortable mat for your yoga practice session.

Today more and more people are opting for yoga to improve their life. The practice of yoga started in ancient India and developed over centuries. Yoga is extremely effective in improving body posture, strengthening your muscles, and creating a harmony between your mind and inner soul.

Yoga poses are important for the following reasons. They:

  • increase flexibility
  • remove all the energy blocks from the body and consequently make you feel more energetic
  • Help to reduce or gain weight.
  • Help to cure several health disorders like backache, arthritis, stammering etc.

If you are a yoga enthusiast then it is recommended that you buy a good quality matt to practice yoga. These mats help you to improve and correct your yoga postures. You can find various types of yoga matt in the market and choose one according to your needs and budget. Below are listed some of the popular mats for yoga.

  • Zen Yoga mat - These mats are one of the most popular in the market because of their eco-friendly nature. These mats are available in cotton, reasonable in price and completely toxin- and pesticide-free.
  • Hot Yoga mat - To do advanced level yoga and asanas, these hot yoga matts are more useful. These mats are sticky in nature and will not slip even during damp weather.
  • Yoga matt rug - These special yoga matts are used for a special yoga called Hatha yoga. Many yoga instructors and expert teachers today recommend these kinds of mat rugs. These mats are great to absorb the perspiration produced during yoga sessions.
  • Natural Yoga mat - This type of mat is made up of natural fibers.
  • Plastic mats - These mats are cheap in price but when exposed to strong sunlight, they can emanate chemical odors that can be harmful for the human body when inhaled.
  • Rubber mats - These mats are both cheap and eco-friendly and very sturdy and durable in nature. Incase you have a latex allergy then rubber mat can be problematic for you. But if are able to spend a little more money then you can have phthalate free mats.
  • Cotton mats - It is another eco-friendly yet inexpensive mat and used where body heat is generated during practice of yoga and causes perspiration. Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture and prevents you from slipping or sliding during practice.

These are just a few varieties that are available in the market. But there are other types of mats also available such as cork mats and jute mats. You should choose yoga matt according to your convenience and preference. Yoga massage can also be done on the mat. Adopt yoga for life to be healthy and happy.