3 Easy Yoga Poses For Beginners

Do yoga poses send jitters down your spine? Are you scared of entangling yourself while practicing a particular yoga posture? If these fears have kept you away from practicing this technique, it is time to gather some courage. It is not as difficult as it seems to be. Though there are some postures that are not easy, as a beginner you can follow some simple exercises. This alternate treatment method is practiced since ages and is a time-tested way of healing. It is therapeutic and helps maintain a good standard of physical and mental health. As a beginner, you can learn this science either at yoga classes or on your own. Here, we share some simple yogic exercises, which are do-it-yourself. You don't need a teacher, since the poses are very easy. You won't get entangled.

  1. Swastika posture - This is a very good pose for meditation. It loosens knee joints and ankle joints. It also improves blood circulation in the lower abdomen and genitals. It helps calm the mind. Moreover, this is the basic pose for practicing other sitting postures.
  2. To get this posture right, sit on the floor and fold the right leg at the knee joint. Taking support of your hands, place the right sole touching the inner side of the left thigh. Place the right heel near the left groin. Similarly, fold the left leg and bring the left sole near the right thigh. Insert the outer portion of the left sole between the right calf muscle and inner side of the right thigh. Fix it firmly in that position. Keep your back, neck and head straight. Avoid leaning your torso forward or backward. Hold on for about 1 to 2 minutes and practice four rounds of this posture, reversing the position of the legs alternately. Take deep breaths and close your eyes. Take approximately 15 to 30 deep breaths in 1 to 2 minutes.

  3. Padmasana/ Kamalasana (Lotus pose) - This posture is slightly different from Swastika posture. Though it looks similar, there is a little technical difference. This yoga pose relaxes the mind and breathing gets deeper and steadier, which leads to emotional balance. This posture is excellent for meditation. Like Swastika posture, Lotus pose too improves blood circulation.
  4. To get this posture right, fold your legs at the joint of your knees as you did in the previous pose. Here is the difference; your soles should face upward. Both the soles should be close to the groin and face upward. Avoid drooping shoulders or leaning the torso, hold yourself straight. There shouldn't be any gap between the heels, nor should you raise the knees from the floor.

  5. Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt pose) - This yoga pose benefits sex organs and lower abdomen area. It also helps improve spinal defects and prevents rheumatic problems. This position also aids digestion.
  6. To get this posture right, sit on your knees and ensure that your toes touch the floor. Rest your buttock on the feet and hold on to the position for as long as you can. Do not lean forward or backward. Sit up straight with your head, neck and back aligned in one line.

Hope you haven't entangled yourself! Well, these yoga poses are very simple and form the basic steps of learning yoga. So, you don't need a teacher nor do you need any yoga accessories for practicing this simple science.